Monday, February 15, 2016

Wanted...Feb 17 2016 (aka comics pull list)

There are a whole lot of excellent books coming out this week and I'm really only picking up two... really. Through the vagaries of the direct market there are a slim few books I'm full on looking forward to this week so I'm going to be under my budget of twenty dollars. I think I will be adding a few that are of interest that I think may need a bit of an ego boost and there is one trade all must have so....


Power Man and Iron Fist #1 $3.99

Luke and Danny have been around just about as long as I have and I have been a fan of multiple incarnations of their adventures and even though I love the other of this weeks offerings this is really a must have. David F Walker taking it up in interviews for the last couple of weeks and Sanford Greene's art that has trickled out both have me more and more exited for a book I have been anticipating since the early hints about the project. Back at Rose City Comic Con David mentioned he had two books that he could not name coming from Marvel this year and this was one of the ones I had hoped for. Seems the plans that they have for the heroes for hire duo reach across the history of the characters from their early days till now so this is no reboot but a story that will give respect to them and to their fans which include the creators working on the book. I'd encourage anyone to go and listen to the interview on BlackComicChat here to see what I'm taking about.

Bitch Planet #7 $3.99

At least equally a must this week is Bitch Planet for its rose colored glass shattering look in the mirror at our toxic society and for the open, powerful and insightful backup features that range the gamet of social issues. Kelly Sue and Valentine return to the main story after last issues spotlight and deal with the fallout of the first ACO Megaton test and move forward the lives in captivity of the non-compliment inmates on Bitch Planet. This is one of the titles I find to be required reading, it's a book in which I find characters I click with, can see as real with some very real stakes and moreover it's a story that is un-comforting to read and asks you to think and be more compassionate. ... What more can I say there are important issues being raised in this great piece of fiction that just happens to be delivered through sequential art and Valentine de Landro is sure capable of delivering challenging, unsettling images which tell a deeper story.


So my real list really only comes to just under eight dollars this week.... In addition to this Sex Criminals #14, I Hate Fairyland #5, are out this week that may just get added to the two great books above.

DC is also releasing two collections that should be on people's shelves in some way... Midnighter Vol 1 from Steve Orlando and ACO is out as is the reprint of the Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison.


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