Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wanted Dispatch Feb 22 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hello all, as my lists have been breaking my budget guidelines of twenty a week I'm going to spotlight the twenty dollars I think should get more attention and the ones I have to have rather then just gush about all and sundry that I may buy. There are excellent smaller press books hitting this Wesnesday and I hope you'll all join me is supporting them....


Heathen 1 $3.99

Heathen I saw and missed backing on kickstarter and regretted it as when I got a chance to read this first issue I knew it was my kind of thing. Natasha Alterici both wrote and illustrated this tale of a Viking warrior outcast and self admitted Heathen who takes up arms against the god-king of her era. The story of Aydis and her warrior heroes journey looks like little out there; Natasha's art has hints of animation influence with large doses of the scratchy yet detail rich work of Bill Sienkeiwicz. That would be enough for me to support but adding a beautiful wrap-around Tess Fowler cover is just icing an the cake for me. The one book I have to walk away with this week and it's going to be hard to wait till Friday night to get it.


Quantum Teena are Go 1 $3.99

Kim & Kim figured pretty large in my lists last year including my best of the year and I have hopes to be singing the praises of this book to in the months to come. Magdalene Visaggio has really got that in late out early kind of storytelling that clicks with me as a reader and writes characters that exist as themselves outside of the plot and are not there in service to it. This book promises to be a comfortable safe labeled box shattering punk rock DIY ethic science fiction romp with angry teen heroes finding their own place and own family when their biological one is antagonistic. Eryk Donovan' designs for Nat and Sumesh and the few preview pages out there are pretty in a harsh angular kind of way that I really dig and with Claudia Aguirre's colors it's a nice call back to Kim & Kim...a bit like a band side project. I like the punk ethic coming from the Black Mask books and am totally there to support them with this mad science story.



Sun Bakery 1 $4.99

Corey Lewis is the creator behind this anthology title that is getting reprinted by Image and his riffing on the colored paper weekly Japanese comic motif I like a lot as I've not had the opportunity to indulge since moving away from the SF Bay Area. Sun Bakery is the cool eastern cousin in my mind to Islands euro- comics leaning, pages of duo tone thick lined art, lots of empty space low on embellishmentr, bombastic big crazy stories with lots of heart, weapons and comedy brimming with wit and enthusiasm...this is a project that displays the passion of its creator and that is the best reason to support this beyond how crazy good fin it is from the one randommissue I picked of of the initial run.

Monstress 10 $3.99

Monstress is a book that I have as a bookseller seen attract people who don't read comics to it, actually someone who does not read fiction picked it up and loved the hell out of Marjorie Liu and Sana Takada's feminist fantasy tale. I think that the thing that might be linking most of the books on my list this week is my perception and belief that the creators behind these books are truly passionate about the work they are delivering. Monstress is so deeply detailed in story art and feelings that I can only say it's like getting a meal lovingly prepared by a passionate cook. It's a blend of a fantasy heroes journey, a refugee story, with a lead who is filled with both despair and hope. Sana's aesthetics in her pages and designs match the crazy levels of detail she puts into her covers...I'm ever amazed actually. Can't imagine passing this book up.


Old Guard 1 $3.99

Unlike the rest of the books I'm spotlighting this week The Old Guard is kinda high profile as it's Greg Rucka and Leo Fernandez who have a) worker together before and b) are pretty well known quantities and c) already gotten attention on a couple of other lists. The Old Guard sounds a violence and emotion ladened about near immortal yet killable warriors and the emotional baggage of a millena lone existence. It's a big concept and I think that in the hands of Greg Rucka the will be some heartfelt work done with these characters and the art looks a true treat from the designs and preview pages from Image Plus a few months back.


Oh at the moment I know it looks as if I'm in budget but I'm sure to buy Slam 4, Shutter 27, Mosiac 5, Justice League of America 1, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 16, Black Panther 11... to name just a few of the others...


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