Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wanted February 8 2017 or my Comics Pull List

So many of my favorite creators on the shelves this week giving me the momentary necessary self care distractions from my constant need to resist the BS that is my everyday life. Here is my pull list for the week alas I try in vain to keep to my twenty dollar comics budget.


Katy Ferina and and Melanie Gillman are creators I follow of Twitter and the prospect of them working together on Steven Universe knocks this to the top of my list this week. I can't relate how much this show means to me but I'll tell you it's among the stories that bring me real emotions and has left me in real tears more times then I care to count. Melanie writes a cool webcomic called As the Crow Flies which I'm sadly behind of and Katy has the right grasp of cartoon art to give the book the right looks and respect the show and its fans beautifully. I only hope their run on the book lasts a good while as it looks really pretty from the first three pages.


Southern Cross 11 $3.99

Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger have been posting previews of the interiors of this issue for at least an month on Twitter and it looks downright amazing even in just black and white, Science fiction horror has been a thing for me ever since Ridley Scott's Alien and my first encounters with weird fiction; Becky Andy and Lee have created her something that reflects those with a bit of cyberpunk paranoia and Space Crusier Yamato styling. It's a world full of deeply broken anti-heroes so well crafted I'm surprised it's not on more best of lists.

Motor Crush 3 $3.99

Issue one gave us a whole lot of action and enough of an emotional hook to Domino to make the developements in issue two hit home. I'm now totally sold on the relationships and am adhering to know the background between Lola and Domino and what the hell broke up what was a bond between the two of them. Issue two also developed the other major relationship with her adopted father figure... though it's that style art and the promise of more from this creative team that was the first hook the delivery of solid characters and story assures I'll be back. I'd say if Batgirl (of course) or the recent Black Canary and Mockingbird were your kind of thing here is the book to pick up to replace their loss in your life.


PowerMan and IronFist 11 $3.99

And we have aparently caught up to events from Jessica Jones and the dissapearance of their daughter Danielle. Luke Cage has been a lot of things and gone through more real and lasting change then a lot of Marvel characters so I have to say I'm sad Marvel decided that being a really positive father role model was sowmthngnthey would take from Luke.

All Star Batman 7 $4.99

Though I have read and enjoyed Scott Snyder's Batman work I don't really pick it up all that much but this and an issue coming up I have to support. This is a Poison Ivy story....so plus number 1 and it's being illustrated by Tula Lotay and sometimes it's all about the art for me. Tula has worked with some amazing writers like Warren Ellis and Kieron Gillen and never fails to create pages and panels worthy of a frame.


Wonder Woman 16 $2.99

Another case of the artist clinching the deal; Greg Rucka's no slouch and I'm loving his take of Diana and her mythos but Bilquis Evesly makes this run of even issues a part of my list. Her art shows influence from artists I have loved but is stil all her own and her characters have a weight to them and a reality to them that only concentrated experience and drive seem to achieve. Wonder Woman looks no better then whe she draws her these days.

Justice League of America 1 $2.99

I'm thinking that this book is kind of the current version of Batman and the Outsiders from way back when he had a break from the Justice League proper...it's a different team for a different purpose. I enjoy Steve Orlando's writing a lot and been a fan of Ivan Reis from way back when he did a monster Halloween book for Marvel so giving this a try was on the menu. I have happened to like several of the characters here for a long time: Black Canary, Vixen, Killer Frost and the Ray all have a soft spot in my heart and even Lobo I have liked on and off depending on what people have done with him. No idea if this book will eventually be my thing but I'm confident it's going to a fun read to check out.


Oh yeah there is a little thing called Detective 950 coming out that I'm likely to pick up to given Cassandra Cain is one of the focal characters.

Empowered Soldier of Love 1

I'm going to give this a go because Adam Warren seems to have a really good sense of humor, I recall likening his Dirty Pair mini series from way back when and well it looks a bit Magical Girl-y and well I'm a bit of a sucker for that as frequent readers will know. I'll let you know if 1 I can find a copy and 2 what I think of it.


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