Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wanted Feb 1 2017 or my Comics Pull List

Looking through my list this week I'm guessing the theme is full on girl power and with a noteable exception or two the creators are nearly all women (PaperGirls being the odd man out.) it's also a pretty exceptional week in that I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to keep to my twenty dollar ish budget unless I go and grab the print copy of DC Bombshells 22 along with the rest which is pretty likely.


Jem The Misfits 2 $3.99

Jenn St Onge has an art style that really appeals to my esthetics, the thick lines and blend of cartoon and anime sensibility is just the right take for this spin off of Jem as envisioned by Sophie Campbell. Kelly Thompson's writing on Jem really won me over and if possible I'm actually enjoying reading about the Misfits band a little more then the heroes of Jem as they seem at times more compelling and having more understandable stakes. Over the first couple years stories Stormer, Pizzaz and Blaze are likely my favorites but I do kinda like them all. Issue one was fun read and I want more.


Shade the Changing Girl 5 $3.99

Young Animal, an imprint that makes me think on the Japanese manga anthology by the same name, to me is kind of the new Vertigo as it's hitting those same weird fiction reading sweetspot thats kind of existential, questioning, darkly humorous and horrific all at once. Shade the Changing Girl is would say is my favorite but I kind of think that of each new issue as they are approaching. Loma is not Rak and nor is she really trying to be reguardless of her attempts to follow him to earth through the madness. Cecil Castellucci, Marley Zarcone and Kelly Fitzpatrick work through emotions and madness in this story as Loma tries to deal with being human and the cost of it oh and as always with Young Animal a surprise backup story.

Unstopable Wasp 2 $3.99

So I'll be honest I am behind and sadly have only flipped through issue one by the team of Jeremy Whitley and Elsa Charretier's so warmly received series and I know I will be picking it up because of well both of them. The several pages I have read established Nadia's voice was so clear I could kinda actually heear her tone of voice, and given recent events re immigration the inclusion of her attempting to gain citizenship through her being Hank Pym's daughter makes the book all the more topical. I'm hoping for so much from this books about creative clever independent woman and the letters page I have to say I'm really sold on it all.

PaperGirls 11 $2.99

The book on this list with a mainly male creative team but because of the girls that star in this one I'll overlook that. PaperGirls is that kind of weird time travel book that refuses to fully explain itself but never the less is too well told to ignore (Kind of like a lot of excellent British Science Fiction and fantasy). The end of issue 10 left us with the PaperGirls heading off into an uncertain future (literally) with someone that looks like one of them and may just be more then just a bit sinister. Though I love the art of Saga (Fiona Staples creates amazing images with so few lines) this is my favorite BVK book as Saga has emotionally hurt me so often by viciously killing all my favorite characters.

Jem and the Holograms Annual 2017 $7.99

Kelly Thompson and a quartet of artists again do some alternate takes on the Jem characters in this annual spectacular issue. They are reimagining them as superheroes from differeng genres and doing a bit of fan fiction sort of restyling in the story and I suspect there will be a bit of magical girl versions of our favorite fictional rock band along the way. M Victoria Robado, Maria Jose Barros, Savanah Ganucheau and Katarzyna Witerschiem are the listed artists and I know two of them are ones that I happen to like and follow on various social platforms.


DC Bombshells 22

An extra bit I include it because I'll likely be getting it and it's written by Margueritte Bennett which is enough selling point for me she's right up there with Kelly Sue Deconnick and David F Walker who's work I can't pass up.


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