Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wanted January 18 2017 or my comics pull list.

So I really need this to e a great week of books as, well, I don't think I need to say much about why diversion will be important this week. We need to be the heroes we reagualrly read about now more than ever given the general reprehensible people getting into political positions of power. I try to keep my list to around twenty dollars as that is what I really should be spending but some weeks that just doesn't cover all the books that are really worth supporting.


World of Wakanda 3 $3.99

I had no real clue what kind of book Roxane Gay was going to give us with her take on the history of Ayo and Aneka and the Dora M- but as a fan of Hong Kong cinema and the training style hero stories like Five Deadly Venoms I'm really happy with what she is doing in World of Wakanda with Alethia Martinez. I have to wonder personally why I don't see this book on more pull list posts as the training come rivalry come love story they are telling is just the kind of thing I happen to really enjoy. The culture of Wakanda is rich in tradition and rituals and both the art and the writing reflect the ones that Roxane and Alethia are creating nearly whole cloth from the sketchs left by the creators before them. Im sad I see few writing about this book and I'm happy to signal boost for it.

Mosiac 4 $3.99

I'm hoping that the trend at my FLCS is not common as I'm possibly the one of the few person getting Mosiac and I'm sad not many people willing to try something new. Geoffrey Thorne, Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez deserve to get more then one story arc with Morris who I feel will be more a reluctant hero from what we've seen of him so far and I'm curious as to what he will do now that he's in the body of Peter Parker if briefly. I may not have picked this up had it not been for the interview they did on the Black Comics Chat podcast and reguardless of how long this book lasts I'm a fan of them both. People should check this issue out as I think their take on being Spider-Man from the preview looks genuinely interesting.

Postal 17 $3.99

Bryan Edward Hill's story about a city run and populated by onetime criminals returns after their very timely white supremicist threat to the town. I don't know exactly what Bryan and Issac Goodheart have instore for this arc other then the revelation about one of the men behind the city in Postal, the origin of the unique town and hints towards its future. Bryan and the creators he works with work hard to make books worth the high cost of admission and if crime thrillers are your things this is the book your should be trying out this week; I got into the series late because of hearing an interview and in truth they are great at making the story approachable to new readers.

Justice League The Ray 1 $2.99

This version of The Ray I fondly remember from the nineties miniseries drawn by Joe Quesada and that yellow on black is still boldly iconic. As Steve Orlando is writing this special I was inclined to pick it up but knowing that the entire creative staff of this is non-hetero and the Ray is going to be openly gay bumps this book higher on my list. Virgil by Steve Orlando was a excellent street crime thriller and his Midnighter was one of my favorite books from last year so I trust his skills and it sounds like he remembers that miniseries too. In reading Steve's plans for the JLA in the months to come I think I'll be heading back to the DC universe if things pan out.

Slam! 3 $3.99

Other people are writing about the wrestling book out this week and though I have every expectation that that will be a fun book this is the drama sports book I'm picking up and I'm a wrestling fan. Slam! follows two women, roommates and friends who joined the local Roller Derby league at the same time and got signed to opposing teams. It's one of the many books I'm reading about friendships between women the trials to it and the power of those friendships. It's akin to Lumberjanes and Kim and Kim oh and it's illustrated by Veronica Fish.



Black Hammer Annual 1 $5.99

Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormstron's Black Hammer pulls ideas from all over superhero, science fantasy and horror coming to create the weird book that is Black Hammer and for the Annual they are getting people from aroung comics to join in the fun here. Though all the names are people I'd enjoy reading the name that really makes this exiting is Emi Lenox who's art I happen to really enjoy and the book she did with Jeff Plutona from Image was a another great take on Superheroes and the worlds they inhabit. This is one of those books that successfully bring lots of comics characters and elements I love.


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