Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wanted January 11 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

We're two weeks into the year and I'm already tripping into real issues with my first choice for the week; ah well with the weird world we're now waking up in daily I'm sure this will not be the only time this happens. Welcome to my weekly ramble about my comics pull list and my never ending endeavor to keep to twenty dollars and signal boost for books and creators I happen to love.


Southern Bastards 16 (cover B) $3.50

Ok I've read some of this book by the Jasons (Aaron and Latour) and it's a smart, well written deeply considered and conflicted book full of both love and distaste for the region of their birth. I like the writing and occasionally look at it but this issue I must buy because it puts me money where my beliefs are as all proceeds are going to be divided between AMerican Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Yes this references that Mockingbird cover and yes I think we're going to desperately need both of these organizations be be strong and well funded with the BS the incoming administration plans to do to us and by us I mean anyone not rich, white, cis-male, old, right wing and hetero. Oh and I'm pretty sure there will be a great story within the cover too and Jasons Aaron and Latour do rock as storytellers.


Motor Crush 2 $3.99

I make no secrets that I really love Babs Tarr's art style; I thought that the team of Fletcher Stewart and Tarr did for the most part a great job on Batgirl and delivered a great first issue for this future speed and violence story in Motor Crush. The first super sized issue did an excellent job of setting up the story setting Domino her supporting cast and the stakes at least in the outset. Motor Crush fits into that hole in my life created in my childhood when there was no more Speed Racer (Mach Go Go Go for the purists) and the adult me is pretty damned thrilled with it all around. Also in this we are getting a taste of the Isola book from the creative team behind the original Gotham Academy and it looks damn fine too.


Power Man and Iron Fist 12 $3.99

In the same way that Luke Cage in Netflix did much more then just give us Power Man's story David Walker has been giving us so many different stories in the pages of PowerMan and IronFist across the last year and Black Mariah has had a lot of page time which has been a good thing. Getting more then just the heroes angle on things has been a staple of comics storytelling and having an empathetic antagonist for me always ups my enjoyment of an already good book. This book ranks pretty high for me for the most of last year and I'm hopinthat will continue. And though I write a lot about Mr Walker I have to equally mention Sanford Green and Lee Loughbridge as they are just as important in creating this book.


Detective Comics 948 $2.99

Batwoman is getting her own book soon and Margueritte Bennett is getting to write it so there will be a DC book on my regular list again and this story is the lead in to the new series. James Tynion IV and Margueritte are looking back to her origin and the ways that she and her cousin Bruce are really dissimilar; in essence looking at how Batwoman is to Batman. The blog Comicosity has a pretty in depth interview with both of them talking about this story arc looking at Kate and her relationships and development as a hero and them discussing living up to the pair of artists that will be working on her story in the coming months and hopefully years. Ben Oliver's pages I've seen for this Detective run and really very pretty and I have long been a fan of Steve Epting who will work with Ms Bennett on the Batwoman book.

Wonder Woman 14 $2.99

It's likely just me but Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott with a lovely fill in by Bilquis Evely, has a lot of the same vitality and spirit as the post Crisis George Perez era. Greg has returned this book to giving Diana and her supportin cast to their stories and not be mired in the usual suspects of DC superheroics and event driven plots. Baring the return of Legends of Wonder Woman it's nice that the main book shows respect for the character and it's reading audience oh and Nicola Scott's are is just downright gorgeous if you ask me.

Justice League Vixen $2.99

As a teen I picked up mainly Marvel books but after the Wolfman and Perez New Teen Titans the Detroit era Justice League that introduced Vixen along with Vibe and Gypsy was one of my DC favorites and I really loved Vixen. I'm happy that of those character that she has had lasting presence in the DC Universe occasionally being a important Justice League member again and gotten a mini series by G Willow Wilson some years back. I'm pretty confident that Steve Orlando and Jody Houser will do her justice even if this issue might be a bit origin-y it's nice to have Mari back I'd love her to have her own book but I'll take her as part of this bigger cast as a starter.



Jade Street Protection Services 4 $3.99

Nearly missed that this had been announced to be shipping because my FLCS got issue 3 last week. I make no secret of the fact that I am a fan of magical girl stories and this one has been a lot of fun given it's mix of protagonists, Fabian Lelay's background in fashion and Katy Rex and his love for the teen magician drama genre. So since I'm behind I can't comment but it's going to be fun to have two to read back to back this week. Oh and here is a link to a a Comicosity preview.


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