Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wanted Jan 25 2017 or my Comics Pull List

Oh what a broken budget for this week...I'm not even going to try as there are so many books worth supporting. Some of them I'm likely to put aside till next week but as I now need more then average distraction I may just put myself in debt to get everything I think should be supported because well you know that orange fool to be polite.


MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 15 $3.99

So this last weekend Women's March was a really wonderful thing, what does that have to do with Amy Reeder, Natasha Bustos and Tamara Bonvillain's comics about the genius Lunella well to me it's all about hope. This is a book not mired in the depressing that is stock and trade with marvel; The last couple issues have focused on her being sought out as the new genius of the Marvel universe by the new Hulk and by the Thing and she has gotten to show why she's in some ways the brightest that the setting has to offer. This time around Riri Williams, Ironheart, visits the Yancy Street and I'm very curious to see how other writers handle her. Having books like this Squirrel Girl and Patsy Walker is going to make the coming months brighter.


Justice League Killer Frost 1 $2.99

Back in the eighties I occasionally bought Firestorm and happened to have gotten some of the Killer Frost issues and have have even read her first appearance in the second volume of the book. Sure this Killer Frost isn't the same character really, she doesn't even have the same real name but I'm exited for the book nine the less because I always liked the character when she showed up and dig Caitlin Snow on the Flash TV show. This special issue is the second written by Steve Orlando and Jody Houser both who's superhero writing thrill me to bits and the artist for the special Mirka Andolfo has a style which looks deliciously manga and animation inspired. The specials so far have been worth reading and buying so I'm fully onboard for this one.

Lady Castle 1 $3.99

Delilah Dawson (urban fantasy/horror/romance writer) and Ashley Woods (of Niobe She is Life) teased this book with a great piece of art weeks before its announcement and I love the firsts writing and the seconds art so I knew I would be interested. It turned out to be something I was really exited about once announced as its the story and the knight going to slay the monster and dying leaving the women to take care of the fall out if their failure. It looks like they are going to do just fine all on their own in this four issue series. It's appropriate this is out this week as well the women's march made quite a real statement. Seeing the designs for the heroes of this book, their diversity and non grim expressions make this look so much like a book I'm going to love.

Jem and the Holograms 23 $3.99

I'm sad to say that this is the last issue that Meredith McClaren's versions of the Misfits, the Holograms and the Stingers will be in the comic as her run comes to an end. I have a real appreciation for the unique and personal art style she has and I think it fit so well for the stories Kelly Thompson tells with these women. When a comic involves more drama then fisticuffs emotion and expression is where art can communicate so much and the open lines of Meredith's work just clicked for me. This story arc launched the Misfits title as they lost their contract and their place in the music industry, it separated the Holograms a bit and progressed the Jem Jerrica story in ways I'm curious to see play out. Jem is a really complex book and I'm happy to keep going with it as it changes.

Spell of Wheels 4 $3.99

I had to use the textless version of the Jem Bartel cover as I happen to love her art so there is the first and superficial reason I'm spending coffee money on this fun road trip book. The fact that it's a different take on the hunting magic items urban fantasy trope that's a little Thelma and Louise and a little Supernatural told by Kate Leth who I think does not get enough work for her fun satirical writing voice. Megan Levens and Marissa Louise her co creators doing the art for the issue are delivering a beautiful and colorful pages for this bit of mystery revenge story that has yet to be fully revealed.



Detective 949 $2.99

Honestly they had me at Batwoman Kate Kane with Margueritte Bennett co writing but the first issue of Batwoman Rises delivered in ways I was not anticipating as I'm not read up in the series and that may have been a mistake on my part. Honestly where was my head at I missed the original Greg Rucka book and sadly didn't get into the new 52 take near early enough so this time I'm not missing out.

Island 17 $7.99

For me Island is always worth picking up each of these extra sized loveingly curated isssues have exposed me to new creators I'd not have encountered otherwise, it features stories in black and white, stories told without words, stories that are biographical,and best of all stories that are weird and hard to pigeon hole. I've posted about who I think has stories in issues and been wrong so I'm not doing that but between DHP and Island this one is my choice as more of the work clicks with me.


And that puts me comfortably over twenty and it does not count Shutter 26, Wayward 20, Arclight 4, Loose Ends 1, Ether 3, Deathstroke 11 (by Sienkiewicz and Cowan),or Doom Patrol 4 all of which I'm likely to buy if I give in which I just may given well you know. Oh and the Animosity special this week too. Agh!


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