Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Wanted Dispatch aka Comics Pull List Jan 4 2017

So it's 2017 and though I posted up some thoughts in the best books of 2016 I think somehow I missed many of these books that I absolutely adore and one book that I hope will be a big success in the coming year. For anyone just checking my pull list out for the first time I like many try to keep to a twenty dollar budget and am kind of ramble-y when posting why I think the book should be on more people's lists. And here we go...


Shade the Changeing Girl 4 $3.99

If I was not already getting this for the main story by Cecil Castellucci and Marley Zarcone colored by Kelly Fitzgerald I would be getting it for the back up story by Magdalene Vissagio and Pauline Ganucheau alone as they are among my favorite comics creators and I know nothing about what their story is about. The title story about Loma Shade and her fledgling experience as an alien from Meta in a human body has been a good weird ride so far and for me the best of the selection of the all interesting Young Animal line. Cecil Marley and Kelly are doing a great job of exploring humanity from an alien perspective; as the original inhabitant of Loma's body was not a "nice" person makes the interactions pretty enlightening people may change but will other let them be someone different.


Jem and the Holograms 22 $3.99

Are you familiar yet with the art of Meridth McClearen, have you seen her deft hand in drawing expressions and um I have to ask are you reading this dramatic book about friendship by Kelly Thomason? Not mentioning this book on my best of list was an oversight as it's one I look forward to every month to check in with the Holograms and the Misfts stories. This new arc upped the tension ante with a new band - The Stingers who made the Misfts life harder, separated Shanna from the Holograms as she got her fashion school dream spot and old things are happening with Jem... lots of non violent drama to be had and well paced foreshadowed stories from Kelly.



Unstoppable Wasp 1 $3.99

Jeremy Whitley is someone I've heard interviewed and talked about because of the books Princeless and Princeless Raven which he created and has been writing for the past several years. Teaming him with Elsa Charretier who has a charming sort of manga anime lookmto her work and a great grasp of action was a brilliant choice for a weird adventure book about a tech-y scientific genius. I have not read any of the new Wasp's initial appearances in Avengers but from what I have heard and seen I'm going to like this legacy character and hope she's a vital addition to the new marvel characters like MoonGirl, Ms Marvel Mosaic and Viv and thneLaura Kinney Wolverine. I'd say if marvel lets time actually pass the future looks particularly good.


The Wicked and the Divine 25 $3.50

Some lists called Wicked + Divine the best fantasy of the year now I'm not sure I ever really considered it a fantasy title as I think of it more along the same lines as the Black Canary or Jem book as it's to me about celebrity and the relationships between people in the public eye but it does also fall into the same area as an urban fantasy like American Gods. Minerva is on the cover of this issue and I think after Lucifer and Tara she is the one I find most interesting and as both the others are pushing up daisies I guess I'm hoping to see my favorite get a bit of the spotlight before their candles burn out if that is how this incarnation thing actually works anyway.


And if that is all that I pick up I'll be under budget at short of sixteen dollars .... I didn't mention USAvengers I know and though I like Al Ewing and some of the characters in the team well most of them the name really bugs me it's a bit too jingoistic for me so well see.


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