Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March 1 2017 Wanted Dispatch aka my Comics Pull List

The end of last month left me kind of realizing I need to actually keep closer to my real budget as both space and my time kind of don't allow me to get to or keep all the things I want to fully support. Welcome to my weekly call out of my pull list of books I'll actually be buying that I think other people should be checking out if they are like me...I try to keep to something around twenty dollars but seldom does that stop me from indulging a bit. Also this month several Image books have charity covers who's proceeds go to Planned Parenthood this week those are the issue of Rat Queens and Royal City...hope your store ordered some of them and you lean that way like me maybe grab them...the Rat Queens one is by Colleen Doran and the Royal city by Emi Lenox.


DC Bombshells

I don't post often about Margueritte Bennett's Bombshells title and sometimes I can't afford to add it to my list so as some titles have kind of fallen from my list I can support this one more often in print. This print issue Matias Bergara, who's watercolor character illustrations online are brilliant, Laura Braga an Mirka Andolfo who did the Killer Frost one shot join her on this twist on WW2 DC history where no men ever held the title of superhero and women alone are building that history. This book puts me in mind of the Joe Casey Glory storyarc as it's become its own beautiful story in the hands of a talented creative writer and art team.

Extremity 1 $3.99

So Daniel Warren Johnson (I know what is it with me and creators who use all three names) is a writer artist who I'm kind of familiar with and I know I looked at his story SoaceMullet somewhere along the way and everything I have read and see so far about the grim fantasy warstory Extremity makes me interested in giving it a try. Second world science fiction fantasy about a women attempting to get vengeance against forces far above her sounds like a lot of good punching up kind of storytelling and aparently it's a story that will ultimately be about hope which is something I sorely need more of these days.

Everafter 7 $3.99

I picked up Fables in and off as I didn't get into it till late in its run but it did expose me to Lilah Sturges' writing and when I realized she was writing this follow up when listening to her on the podcast Double Page Spread (recommended here). She compared this Vertigo book to the new Young Animal inprint and it's apt as it's got just the right sense of dark humor and weird to it to share the shelf with them. Everafter may follow out of a long running book but even just grabbing an odd single issue of it as I did with little experience with Fables I can say her and her cowriter do a great job of bringing you up up speed without a need for info dumping.

America 1 $3.99

America Chavez was the best thing about the Young Avengers, and that's saying a lot because I loved those character and is one of the bright spots on the Ultimates which I think is one of the more enjoyable team books marvel had last year. This series is being written by Gabby Rivera who wrote the highly enjoyable novel Juliet Takes a Breath and illustrated by Joe Quinones, of Howard the Duck and the Black Canary Zatanna OGN Bloodspell which means it will be downright gorgeous. I have not a clue what they will be doing with her other then hopefully letting her finally shine in the way Mockingbird and Nighthawk both have recently and we can hope we'll get at least a year of this book but I'll guess time will tell.

Shade the Changing Girl 6

Cecil Castilucci, Marley Zarcone and Kelly Fitzpatrick for me have delivering the crazy weird I wanted with this very personal feeling Young Animal title that has had some pretty welcome surprise back up stories that justify its 3.99 price tag. The alien avian Loma Shade fan of Rak and recent immigrant to a body on earth looks appears to in this issue have to not only deal with her bodies original owners unlikeability but also the maybe return of the girls spirit from a journey of her own. No clue whatnthat may mean but this book satisfies my need for the weird in ways I didn't know I needed; oh and it's nice to have Marley illustrating again - I enjoyed her work on Effigy a couple years back.


Also in my pile this week PaperGirls 11, Unbeatable Wasp 3, Rat Queens 1 (only for the Planned Parenthood charity cover can't resist the urge to SJW action) and the final Midnighter and Apollo issue. In addition to this aparently the new Superman 18 could be some of the reveal about the whole Rebirth thing.

Let me know what your picking up and why of you like.


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