Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wanted Dispatch March 8 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

I'm always sad when I miss a convention as it's missing another chance to meet and chat with creators I love...ECCC had so many wonderful guests that seldom get to the west cost later in the year. Anyway I'll have some comments about books announced I'll be adding to my list when they get offered. Welcome to me list for this weeks books that will be getting a peice of my twenty fiveish dollar comics budget. I tend to lean towards books that get less attention otherwise (though this weeks started with a big name book.)


Wonder Woman 18 $2.99

It's so nice to look forward to Wonder Woman again, I have been a fan since I was a child. Greg Rucka writes Diana with a very human Diana and for my his take on her works particularly well in the Year One story and presents her with a sense of wonder about the world and life. This story arc is done by Bilquis Evesley who has become one of my favorite artists storming with her run on Shaft with David F Walker which reminded me of MD Bright who I always loved and she's just gotten better in the couple of years since. At $2.99 this is a comics bargain at the moment and punches well outside its price class in all ways for me.


Motor Crush 4 $3.99

If someone told me that as a kid they were a fan of speed Racer or more recently Bari Bari Densetsu and Inertial D I would tell them to check Babs Tarr Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher's Motor Crush as it's more then lived up to my high expectations. This book is hitting all the highpoints of action and drama I enjoy and what's more it's part of images celebration of Women History month so you like me can get the Leslie Hwang's cover from which all the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood (one of the three this week see me next two choices).

The Wicked + the Divine 25 $3.99

I'm getting Wicked and Divine regularly anyway though I'm a couple months behind in my reading so I can't comment too much about how much I'm enjoying the Imperial Phase story but I have every expectation that the story is up to Kieron and Jamie's usual weird dark standards. I will specificity be getting the issue with the Chynna Clugston-Flores cover as it's the one celebrating Women's History Month and supports Planned Parenthood and how could I not it's the Morrigan one.

Low 16 $3.99

Rick Remender's books I sometimes miss out on in an effort to support other lesser known quantities in the market but I will say this for Low which I made sadly missed much of I enjoyed reading the first story and the art by Greg Tocchini floors me with the depth of details and the sheer imagination on display. Vanessa Del Rey who really needs to get more regular work did the Planned Parenthood special cover which is the reason I preordered it specifically...who knows with Marvel Owners supporting the current administration I have spare comics money now to spend elsewhere Low may gat added to my regular pull list.

PowerMan and IronFist 16 $3.99

Oh, what's this a Marvel book right after that denouncement of the undistinguished noncompetition well there are creators that will get my money and support when I can and David F Walker is one of them. I have honestly loved his take on Luke Cage and the world of the street level hero and villain in the oh so personal way he's been writing this book. It's the last hurrah for the heroes for hire as this is the second to last issue of the series before the go their separate ways to their separate books (I think Danny may actually be getting two). PM&IF brought back one of the Runnaways we thought we'd never see again and gave us a very devious able villain to got on. I'll miss this book but I'm sure to follow David work in Luke Cage and wherever else he may go...say Lion Forge and maybe Black Mask Comics.


Mother Panic 5 $3.99

As with Wicked and Divine I am sadly behind on this book too but as it's Jody Houser who's Faith is the bright and hopeful tweaked mirror to this books dark and grim I'm faithful this book is well worth my continued support. Violet page is still an enigmatic character who is aparent needling to contend not just with the villains she's hunting but another new vigilante that may be friend or foe in this issue. Here's hoping I get a chance to catch up soon.

and it's a bit of a shocker but I may actually keep to budget this week unless I'm for getting something like the Justice League Of America 2 also hits and I'm likely to pick it up so at least it's a mildly overbudget week....nest week is looking like a huge overspend so guess it will be hard to know what to post here.


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