Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wanted Dispatch March 15 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Well, welcome back to my weekly ruminations on what comics I'm looking forward to this week and the books I think may need a bit of a signal boost. I usually try to at least make a nod to my stated budget of twenty dollars so I'll mainly be doing that but this week, this damn week is going to totally break that budget for several reasons including the final issue of Island, the anthology comic from Brandon Graham and Emma Rios. So warning going over budget here.


Batwoman 1 $2.99

Margueritte Bennett's Batwoman book with Steve Epting (Velvet) is are likely to be on a lot of the lists but as I've adored her writing on nearly everything I have read of hers and fully support her taking on this legacy character it would be remiss for me not to celebrate the first issue of the ongoing series launch. Kate Kane is distinct in her mission as part of the Bat-family of titles as has been brought out in The run on Detective where she is honestly more of a presence then her cowled cousin and from her modern introduction under Greg Rucka she's always taken a differing tack and tone from Batman's books. I'm exited to see where Margueritte will take her and her supporting cast. In addition to this DC Bombshells comes out this week so there are two opportunities to support her writing and send a message to DC about what we want to see more of.

Mirror vol 2 1 $3.99

Emma Rios, who does stunning the art on Pretty Deadly, also is a pretty apt writer as she proved in I.D. for Island and with the first volume of Mirror with the equally apt artist and storyteller Hwei Lim. The first Mirror volume introduced the space fantasy series with its animal human hybryids, complex politics and magical mystical mysteries around a mixed cast and their conflicting stakes. It implied a deep and rich history that will be the subject of this second outing. The soft watercolor look of Hwei Lim's art

Horizon 9 $2.99

This is the book we need right now, a book about resistance against totoliatarian forces, particularly is those forces happen to be us. Horizon was a book that was on my list when I read about it but jumped up to me promote this book when I head Brandon Thomas on the BlackComicsChat podcast just before the first issue arrived. Be honest if humanity particularly the US could rape and pillage another inhabited planet for resources, technology and power we all know what the outcome would be, right?

East of West 32 $3.99

This week this is the book which has the Planned Parenthood donation cover and it's by the amazing artist Meridith McClaren who's work on Hinges and on the recent run of Jem. This isn't the only time that East of West has been on my list as I happen to like a lot of what Jonathan Nickman and Nick Dragota have been doing with this alternate history science fiction western apocalyptic tale involving the four horsemen and a love affair and the child that came from a love affair of the horseman of Death. The US in this story is clearly fractured along the lines of race and belief into five distinct nations and at this point clearly at war with each other. Thinking about it now I'm sad I didn't keep getting the issues regularly and hindsight I really love a lot of what they did with the story and respect that they are taking a financial hit to support Planned Parenthood.

Island 15 $9.99

I follow both Brandon Graham and Emma Rios across several social media platforms and suggest their feeds for comics fans and both are pretty interesting; Emma also last week clued me into the fact that this will be the final issue of Island. Dilraj Mann and Grim Wilkins are the featured creators in this last go round of unique visions in storytelling chosen by the editiors of this anthology. I'll personally miss being exposed to artists I might only otherwise have stumbled across on Twitter or tumbler sometime by chance. I'm including it again in this weeks pull list as I still think it was a comic value given its page count and the opportunity it represented to get creative voices out there. This is the $9.99 book that I'll be tending my support to this week.


Head Lopper 5 $5.99

Andrew MacLean is one of the growing group of artists that are the sole creators on the books they are making and Image happily is giving him the leeway to do this quarterly unashamedl sword and sorcery barbarian tale. The first four issue story arc gave us a pretty intriguing intro to the world without tons of info dump and from the looks of this cove we're heading somewhere new with our Viking-ish sword wielding hero and his still talking and spellcasting witches severed head in tow.


The WildStorm 2 $3.99

Warren Ellis re-imagineing of the Jim Lee creations delivered a solidly enjoyable and interesting first outing spotlighting mainly the women of the setting as Zelot, the Mechanic and to some small extant Void made the most impression on me in the issue. The new take on Deathblow, , also left a lingering impression as the corporate/government intrigue starts out right out of the gate. With all the characters Warren has to play with in the world I have great hopes for what we'll discover along the way as his takes on The rest of the wildstorm usual suspects arrive in the scene.

Injection 11 $2.99

It feels an age since Injection 10 and the odd revelations that came with it so I may have to go back and do a bit of re-read but I have been looking forward to the inherently weird fiction of Warren Ellis Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire and finally here it is. Brigid Roth, the team member I've been wanting to see more of is taking the lead roll in this story.

In addition though I missed Super Sons 1 I'm likely picking up issue 2 this week and I just saw the Coady and the Creepies 1 which sounds like something I should for sure get so there is my budget fully broken but I do love comics so there you go.


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