Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wanted Dispatch March 29 2017 aka Comics Pull List

Hello and welcome to my roll call of the books that top my pull list for the week. I try to keep this list to twenty dollars which is so hard now with so many amazing independent creators and companies making worthwhile books to divert my attention from a certain big company with massive film franchises. If I seem to be missing something excellent send me a comment and let me know what is getting your support.


Quantum Teens Are Go 2 $3.99

Maker society meets gonzo science and mutually supportive relationships with time travel on the side in this new book by the amazing Magdalene Visaggio. She knows she's got to boil her story down to its essence and hook us right out of the gate, make us care and crave more and like with Kim & Kim shows a deft hand at it. It's an in late out early make em want more kind of story that somehow manages to hook you right out of the gate. Compared to Kim&Kim which Magdalene was working on at about the same time are inevitable and this books is most definitely its own thing despite similarities. The art is much more hard edged and less soft and cute.




Karma Police 1 $3.99

Heathen is the book that got me looking at Vault Comics and what got me to meeting this book starts with a blerb by Shutter's artist Leila Del Duca and my trust of her taste in stories. Karma Police is a mystery police procedural involving Demons, Martial Arts and reincarnation with the possibility of so exploration of self and what self means in a world where you will be male or female by chance. The writing about the books I've seen makes me think a bit of Hellboy but I suspect that this will be its own wonderful things and I have hopes I've found a new cool book?


The Old Guard 2 $3.99

Greg Rucka could have won me with a lesser morally interesting story about functually immortal warriors but the depth of his thought on the reality of it and psychology of it touched me. Andy's and her crews voices were so well developed out of the gate should not shock me but well I'm not used to so well crafted character so right out of the gate. Andy seemed so disaffected and world weary I felt for her and the banter between the heroes of this story was reminiscent of good Ellis, Morrison and Ennis books. Leonardo Frenandez who has worked with Rucka in the past is such a great choice for this book as his stylized character concepts and solid storytelling vision make this a really very pretty version of a exceedingly violent story.

Jem and The Holograms 24 $3.99

This is the last story arc of this volume taking the band on a vacation to Hawaii to be unknowing joined by the Stingers into their so called break. Kelly Thomoson So we know from ECCC Jem will soon be renumbered to 1 along with Jem The Misfits and run a continuous story between the two titles. This is the final arc before that change and as ever I'm confident Kelly Thompson will deliver on the fun and the feels. Kelly is being joined in this go round with the Canadian artist of "Ménage e 3", Gisele Lagace who's art to is a slick manga like take on an Archie comics house style and she has in fact worked on a couple Archie books. It will be a nice looking book that I have hopes will cap off this on the two year plus long spectacular comic series.


Space Raders : Galaxy or Brutality 1

Apparently the first volume ended with the crew going their separate ways as the solicit implies this starts with a getting the band back together H idea as there is a threat that only they can stop. Fabian Ragel Jr. is among the group of people on Twitter I enjoy following and who's Kickstarter books I've supported and been happy to have done so. Ok yeah I have the collected first volume bought it for Christmas and need to read it and look here is the impetus to do just that.


This week we're also getting InSexts 10, Postal 19, and a new Animosity issue that will help push me over the edge as well as the new Image Plus which I happen to really enjoy oh and a trade I must mention called Afar that I hope to have a review up for by the weekend and the book below.




Henchgirl Vol 1

Also out this week and preparing to tear a hole in my budget is the collection of -- originally from Scout Comics not published by Dark Horse. We all know the villains can often be the more interesting part of a story if told well so why not the story of a twentysomething woman working as a henchmen for one of them. I love the look of Kristen Gudsnuk's art and think the story will very much be my kind of thing. Mary Posa works with jerks for a boss that doesn't appreciate her, she is a henchman with a conscious and hates her job...I'm sure we can all relate somewhere.


Afar OGN

Leila Del Duca joins a group of artists who are also doing a bit of writing and I have hopes that this Science Fantasy astral projection story proves her to be an apt writer too. Kit Seaton has a very appealing art style and I'm willing to give this book a go as I'm confident it's to be worth it.


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