Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wanted Dispatch March 22 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Welcome to my weekly look at the books that I will be picking up from my friendly local comics shop while I try to stick to my twenty dollar budget. Last week I totally failed but there were a lot of books that I thought deserved support and this week I will also be kinda breaking my own rules too but thankfully not by quite so damn much.


Jem the Misfits 3 $3.99

Kelly Thompson's Jem has been a favorite of mine since the first issue and I blame it all on Sophie Campbell who's art I love. Sophie had a lot of input including the creation of the Blaze character who's is the focus of this single issue much like number 2 was all about Stormer. Over time not only have I come to really love the Misfits as she envisions them buy Blaze too has really grown on me. Jenn St-Onge's art on this series has to be some of the most charming I've seen in a while; I'm not sure if it's her concepts of expression or the crispness of her linework of her overall asthetics for character design but this is one of the books that is just visually appealing. Ok, I gush about this book but it's seldom that a single issue of a book manages to bring me to tears like number 2 did unless you count the writing of Kelly Sue Deconnick.



Heathen 2 $3.99

Natasha Alterici's singular vision on this Viking warrior's quest to free a Valkyrie from a curse of Odin is something rare, it's so uncommon to have a book written and illustrated by a singular creator. This issue our hero Aydis fights her way to save the shield maiden and finds that was the easy part. The easy part for me is saying if you can most definitely pick this book up in addition to the heros tale she's telling your getting a unique vision of Norse mythology and a glorious cover by Tess Fowler to boot. Support Indy book here as Vault is publishing some lovely comics.

The Magdalena 1 $3 99

Tini Howard and Ryan Cady who have both done a bit of writing for Top Cow are getting to take a shot at their longtime legacy character that references Christian mythology and conspiracy, they are joined by horror enthusiast artist Christian DiBarri who's DeviantArt page is well worth looking at. According to the previews and this interview on Comicosity what were getting is a mentor pupil story unlike most as it's a thirty something woman teaching her teen girl protégée and the dynamics of that has seldom been written about. What we'll apparently be getting here is a kickass nun fighting the worst that Hell can throw at her and her new trainee. I was sold with Tini writing it but the interview moved it higher on my list and the fact that one of the covers is a Planned Parenthood charity cover makes it triply worth getting.



Steven Universe 2 $3.99

Melanie Gillman and Katy Farina being the creative team behind this makes this a must have in addition to it being a Steven Universe book. I was going to go on about how this is a Stevonnie story and then it hit me how would I see this as a book to someone who has no history with the show so I'll give it a go; Steven Universe is a book that pulls its inspiration for many manga and anime stories including Sailor Moon and Dragonball and sets it in a sleepy seaside town where a group of alien Guardian warriors take care of a human alien hybrid child named Steven like his three plus weird mothers. Ok it doesn't do the depth and theme of the story justice.its quite honestly the most accepting and inclusive story I've seen and it's not afraid to ask its fans to think through things on their own. Oh and this version has a talented team or creators on it.

Doom Patrol 5 $3.99

Feels like it's been a while since issue 4 and I really can't recall if iit has or not but I'm happy issue five is out. I'm thinking that this must be the issue where Gerald Way and Nick Derington get the new Doom Patrol together from their various diversion through the use of Casey, Sam and the weird ambulance but who knows. What I do know is that this book has been a fun and unexpected wild ride and that is what I always want from the Doom Patrol; I can get super-people fights anywhere but the super weird is rare. Oh and this book is also colored by Tamara Bonvillain so that's twice I can show her some support this week....look at the next post as I wrote this in the wrong order.

MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 17 $3.99

Looking at the preview pages around the internet this week Natasha Bustos,Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclair made me like the X-men in ways I haven't since I was a teenager. Lunella interacting with theses regular normally gritty and grim characters brightened them up and seeing Tamara Bonvillain coloring them makes me so happy. Looking just at the cover really establishes how well they understand the characters they are working with...panel to panel in the pages I've seen these are the characters I remembered. There is enough gloom and doom in my pull list so this bright and happy book needs to me among them; oh it's as serious as the rest of the continuity it's just the attitude that Lunella has lightens the story of whomever she's with.


Empowered Soldier of Love 2 $3.99

And yes this satire has to be here too. I love the Magical Girl trope in manga and animation and taking that concept of the bright happy to be a hero young girl and extrapolating it out into adulthood makes for an interesting outcome. I also love the fact that the Soldier of Love's dialogue is in Spanish with no subtitles as well we should really have to know another language then the one we barely do actually. I like Adam Warren's characters but I adore how Karla Diaz reinterprets them.


Mother Panic 5 $3.99

It's Jody Houser's dark twisted grin mirror in her bright and happy superhero title Faith. Violet Page is fighting her one angry woman war on the street and in the air over Gotham not caring she attracts the Bat-Family's attention as she's callable to deal with that. She may have found an ally but you can never be too sure. Shawn Crystal is joining Jody in the art on this issue.



This week also gives us Shutter 28 ( it's great but as the series is ending it's hard to say go out there and this this crazy weird meta book New and be full on confused) and Black Hammer 7 which so many other lists mention, and the next issue of Wonder Woman's The Truth.


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