Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wanted Dispatch June 14 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hello all and welcome to my look at what will be in my weekly comics pile. I try to keep this list to a manageable twenty dollars but as there are so many titles vying for attention and great challenging creative people out there I often don't manage to do just that.


Catalyst Prime Accell 1 $3.99

Joe Casey is the creative writing mind behind this book about the first costumed crime fiighter in the Catalyst setting. Daniel DosSantos through exposure to an extra-terrestrial artifact gains the ability to break the sound barrier and takes it upon himself to become a crime fighter, as you do. Casey has worked all over the comics industry but for me the gonzo crazy of both Catalyst Comics (from Dark Horse) and Godland (from Image) gives me great hope for this book. The art team of Damien Scott and Robert Campanella also exite me as they are not doing the same old same old. Speedsters are a mainstay and I'm exited to see a new take on the theme.

Quantum Teens Are Go 4 $3.99

Magdalene Visaggio's Kim&Kim was one of my favorites last year and though this book is a very different creature it clicks with me on similar levels. Nat & Sumesh are believeabke outsiders who are only defined by who they are and not by what makes them different from their peers. Nominally it's about punk gonzo maker societies, weird science and time travel and the bizarre fallout of same but like Kim and Kim under its science fiction fantasy trappings it's about the way people click with one another wether that be friendship or romance. It's relatable as it taps into feeling everyone has and desires...others who get you for you.

Bitch Planet Tripple Feature 1 $3.99

Id be getting the Bitch Planet Tripple Feature reguardless but it's great to be able to buy one which proceeds will be going to support Human Rights Campaign and LGBT issues. These satirical stories about a repressive authoritative misogynistic government and the society it creates are not in many ways more important as will be the essays and the community pages that back up this side story to Kelly Sue Deconnick Valentine DeLandro and Kelly Fitzpatrick's main title. If you want a book that pulls no punches and will cause real conversation about issues this is the one.

Jem and the Holograms 26 $3.99

I have loved the Jem and the Holograms its specials and spinoff that Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell started at IDW. To be honest I picked it up not for nostalgia but for Sophie' s beautiful art and redesigns of the characters not knowing Kelly was such a heartfelt writer. This is the final issue of this series and though I know there will be a mini-series to follow I'm really saddened the end of one of my favorite books is so close at hand. Both looking forward to this and dreading as Kelly's other book the Misfits has made me cry a few times. ...

Misfit City 2 $3.99

The cult adventure movie Gloomies, this settings version of the Goonies, draw tourists to a small Oregon seaside town of Cannon Cove. It's got ghost stories and pirate legends all it's own and an intrepid group of girl adventurers that are more then up for an adventure. A quick flip through issue one assured I would just put it in my pile and I know from reading just a few pages I'm picking up issue two this week.


There is also a big D.C. Book called Dark Days The Forge coming out and well I know if my FLCS is still there I will be getting that $4.99 issue too though it will make me break the budget....

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