Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wanted Dispatch June 28 2017...aka my Comics Pull List.

Welcome to me weekly look at the books I'll be picking up come my trip to my friendly local comic shop on Friday. I try to keep my spending to around twenty but I'm bot going to lie I often break that guideline as I can't help but support books and creators when I can.

Jem and the Holograms Infinite 1 $3.99

Ok Jem is not over quite yet, Kelly Thompson is getting to do a weekley story crossing over between the Jem and the Misfits titles. This story is apparently leaning more into the full on science fiction elements of the Jem universe. Me I'm exited to get to see more of the lovely friendships and rivalries between them and how ther continue to develope as characters and as an extended family.

Bankshot 1 $3.99

There are creators who's work I find I can't pass up and Bankshot has two of them, Bankshot may be a modern day Robin Hood story or the story of a violent terrorist but reguardless of the story Alex de Campi's writing and Crisscross' art will make this journey one worth supporting. Either of these creators alone would have be likely picking up the book but working together it's immediately getting on my must have list. It's been way too long since I have had a new book with art by Crisscross and it looks like he's just gotten exponentially better since the last time I saw his art.


Beautiful Canvas 1 $3.99

Black Mask Comics does so many of the books the really resonate with me and I suspect that this assassin going off script because the target is a child tale will be right up my themeatic alley. The couple of preview pages that I have seen with art by Sami Kivelä Triona colored by Farrell looks downright gorgeous. Black Mask produces books that don't really fit elsewhere and give space for creative voices with something to say, I just hope my local shop gets a few as I'm willing to take a chance on this being good.


Wayward 21 $3.99

I really dig this odd blend of manga with American comics by way of transformative urban fantasy. There is a lot about this book I love being both a manga and a comics lover. This time round I'll go with Tamara Bonvillain's colors on this make the Steve Cummings pencils come alive making this such a good book. I'm almost sad it's not manga as I'd love to see them have that kind of pagecount to play with. Modern day mythmaking across multiple cultures. Oh and the last issue totally broke my heart in permanent ways.


Black Magick 6 $3.99

Though I like Greg Rucka's writing and approach to comics this was a book that I got for the artist. Nicola Scott has a great sense of how to draw real things and her collaborations with Greg on both Black Magick and Wonder Woman have been brilliant. This police procedural blended with witchcraft is a book I'm glad to have back and the image decided to make it part of the Pride month charity cover collection.

Mother Panic 8 $3.99

Violet Page is a very complex character; she does not want to be the hero but I fear circumstances may have her in that role at times. This issue brings back John Paul Leon and though I enjoy his art style heaps Shawn Crystal kind of stole the show for me with his issues on this book with Jody Houser. Somehow their collaboration on Mother Panic's story really clicked so well I enjoyed it more then the original artist a little. Jody's approach to storytelling in Batman city makes Gotham seem a different place then the Batman Family books eventhoug they interact a bit. This is a different vigilante book and doesn't real much like a standard superhero one. It's great to find something new in a place you thought you knew what your getting.


Shutter 29 $3.99

Shutter is nearing the end of its run with these two issues about where the characters eventually find themselves. I'm not at all sure what I want to get out of these last visits with this wonderful family of misfit friends but something like this impossible cover would be lovely. Leila Del Duca remains one of the artists and storytellers who surprise me with their range. This is the cover I have to have as it's the Pride month Human Rights Campaign charity one, its gorgeous and it's again whatnid wish for them but I suspect it's more likely this time the tears for me. Even though it's almost over I still say this is one of the best comics on the shelves.



Wonder Woman 25 and Image + also come out this week and though I didn't picture them I'm sure to be getting those too. Let me know if there is anything your loving that I may be passing up.


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