Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wanted Dispatch June 21 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hey, sorry I'm hours late this week with this coverage of my Comics Pull List for the week. Making this quick t try to keep the list to around twenty dollars and spotlight titles I think might go under most people's radar when the is the usual flood of new books on the shelves.


Victor LaValle's Destroyer 2 $3.99

Gorgeous and creepy Victor LaValle's Destroyer does something with the Frankenstein mythos that is surprising violent and thoughtful. It maintains the enigma of the monster from the novel, he is inscrutable, a force of nature and puts him into and seemingly against a recognizeable modern world. Victor and D. give us also a mother angry at the BS the world handed to her and she pulled from her heritage to solve a wrong in losing her son. There are monsters in this book the question may in fact be who are the monsters after all is said and done.

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye 9 $3.99

It took me a while to really warm to this book but I really like the crazy weird that it has become. Michael Avon Oeming was my initial reason for picking it up as I've always dug his art and I'm glad I did. Rivera Way Oeming and Filardi capture the feeling of reading a random Kirby book. Though I'll say I'm sad that the Tom Scoli back ups are over as they were a reason in and of themselves for me to pick them up.

Crosswind 1 $3.99

Gail Simone alone kind of clinched this as a book I'd pick up but I have to say that Cat Staggs art in the preview looks damn pretty, I'm curious what they'll do with a body swap story having just read "your name" but I don't expect such a touching story out of this housewife hitman swap. Image is doing that charity thing too so I have to get this human rights campaign cover for LGBT issues. And really look at that gorgeous art.

Grrl Scouts Magic Socks 2 $3.99

This is the second of the Human Rights Campaign special covers for this week and a book I'd be picking up anyway. I recall Grrl Scouts from back in its first run and though Jim Mafood's art is radically different it's got the same riot Grrl attitude and tone so I'd be giving it a look anyway. Issue one was a good reminder of the crazy the series embodies and was a good enough time that I'm not at all sad to be putting some of my comic budget to supporting this book and sending some money into a cause that is close to my heart.

Old Guard 5 $3.99

This will make three for thee when it comes to the charity covers for the Pride month special covers that I'm getting this week. I'm a few issues behind with Rucka, Fernandez, Miwa and Wynne's modern military black ops story so I'm not going to pretend what I think about the final issue of this arc. I like what he's had to say with these almost functional immortal warriors as far as I've read though and the art is to die for. (Yep I didn't really plan that pun but I'm leaving it). So it's again going to a book and a cause I believe in so I'm in.


Head Lopper Crimson Towers 2 $5.99

Yep that breaks my budget but this quarterly fantasy book is worth it. Andrew Maclean's monster hunting "barbarian" fills that Conan/Elric shaped hole in my fantasy reading and does it without being either of them or Thor or any other stereotype. It's a testament to his skills as a near sole creator doing everything but the beautiful colors on this book that it is such a fantastic read. It's sword and sorcery that is unashamed to be just what it is.


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