Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Comics Pull List June 28 2016 addendum

So if your shop us up on this kind of thing and luchadors demons monsters and private eye stories or any combination of those are your thing Fabian Rangal Jr. And Javier Martin Caba's Bloob Brothers (Hermanos de Sangre) should be in your pile of comics.

Blood Brothers 1 $3.99

I got clued into this book via Kickstarter from having backed Fabian's earlier book Doc. Unknown vol 2 (soon to be a complete collection from Dark Horse). I have been a wrestling fan on and off in my life and have been into both the south of the border more colorful Luchador stories and Japanese bat shit crazy wrestling matches so I needed to back this right away. It's being published in monthly format from Dynamite Comics and having received my copy of the collected four issues it so much of what I want from an weird action adventure comic. Seriously give it a flip through and see if it grabs you.


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