Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Comics Pull List July 5 2017

This week is an amazing week of books for me as there are two new books in series I've been looking forward to for months. Welcome to my weekly look at the books I'm picking up and try to keep to my twenty dollar budget.

Kim&Kim Love is a Battlefield 1 $3.99

Magdalene Visaggio proved within the opening pages of the initial Kim&Kim that she can write characters that grab me right away. Kim and Kim both came off as fully formed characters with lived in histories and the crazy world they live in was just as consistent and accessible. Eva Cabrera and Caludia Aguirre killed it on the art to boot and they are all back for this follow up series several years later. Can't express effectively my love for this book. It's delivery on its promises ran through the initial four issues. This is one of those reaper comic joys to read that is reminiscent of a lot of cool things but is fully it's own thing.

Zodiac Starforce Cries of the Fire Prince 1 $3.99

If there was not a new Visaggio book this week Pauline Ganucheau and Kevin Panetta's spin on the magical girl story would have been at the top of my list. Zodiac Starforce in 2015 was the book I waited months to arrive having seen Pauline post about it and the book more then lived up to my expectations. It's had the mix of bright and pretty delivered by the art with the dark and serious undertones that are such a part of the genre. It was another book that highlighted the positive friendships and relationships between women not often spotlighted in mainstream American comics.


Jem the Misfits Infinite 2 $3.99

Continuing the theme of women's friendships Jem the Misfits by Kelly Thompson the Jenn St. Onge arrives this week too too. The first five issue run of this story was one of the prettier books recently and one that made me feel the most. This book is really a gift in my opinion because it's something that can't fail to be both well written and beautifully illustrated and colored. I'll stop gushing now but I do so love this book.

Catalyst Prime Noble 3 $3.99

In Noble 2 Brandon Thomas gave us some reveals that open up the story and tie back into the FCDB Catalyst Prime The Event that hopefully is still free on comixology. Astrid is hunting for her dead but apparently not so still dead husband David who remains at large in South America. We know it's going to take her a while to locate him looking back at the FCBD edition. Noble feels different then other superhero books. It's more decompressed, we're getting to visit more with each of the movers in this action adventure plot. Roger Robinson is an artist that's been around but this beautiful book is my first encounter with his work. It's action with a heart and you don't often get that.

Shade the Changing Girl 10 $3.99

What is pretty clear from Loma Shade's Gotham trip that like the Grant Morrison Shade this book is mostly not a Super-hero story or a - story mascarading as a super-hero story. Shade the Changing Girl is a piece of modern weird fiction that leans towards thriller or horror and just happens to be set in the regular DC universe. The forces from Meta searching for the madness coat will soon be arriving and it involves Loma's lover from issue one. Cecil Castellucci Marley Zarcone and Kelly Fitzpatrick deliver a marvelous storytelling package all round and there are always cool back up features still to look forward to. Well worth the 3.99.

Sun Bakery 4 $4.99

Cory Lewis' Sun Bakery caught my attention in its initial independent printing so I already have this with the exception of the additional story for this edition. Sun Bakery fill the need I have to manga at the moment with its colored pages, it's distortion of perspective and it's off the beaten path stories. It's the anthology to beat now in my opinion when it comes to the vision of a singular creator. It's so obviously a labor of love and passion. Can't wait for issue 5 next month.

Black Bolt 3 $3.99

It's excape caper time for the prisoners of the cosmic prison. Saladin Ahmed I know can write compelling fantasy but gonzo SF is most definitely in his wheelhouse too, he and Al Ewing should co write something actually. I'd have boutght this with his name recognition alone but Christian Ward who's work on ODY-C captivates me bringing his talents too I can't imagine passing this up. I'll be with this as long as the weird cosmic ride lasts.


Seven to Eternity 7 is also out this week and I'm likely to pick that up too.


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