Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Comics Pull List July 26, 2017

Hi and welcome to the rundown of how I'm very likely to break my twenty dollar comics budget this week. I do actually try to keep things under control but there are so many books I think that are worth talking about.


Shutter 30 $3.99

Shutter has delivered wonder filled stories for several years, stories that exploited and explored what the medium of sequential art can do. It's been a great adventure. It's introduced me to characters I love and will sorely miss. It has made me laugh and made me cry (Alain and Cassius last issue particularly) this is the final issue of Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca, Owen Gieni and John Workmans Shutter. I'll miss this book. It was a fantastic exploration of not being afraid of change and not being afraid of the future. I'll miss getting to see new stories about them all. Even if it's your first encounter pick this up it's a great book.




Bankshot 2 $3.99

Alex de Campi writes gripping modern thriller action adventure and creates wonderfully textured charactes. Criss Cross is an artist that was marvelous in the nineties and he's lost nothing in the decades since the Milestone days. Issue one gave us a cool set up and left us in the middle of two stories that are sure to get more compelling in the telling. I've no clue where all this is heading but it's worth supporting if modern thrillers are your thing. Nothing is clear or clean in this story and I'm sure she'll be leaving a lot of room for thought in the telling.


Wayward 22 $3.99

Jim Zub and Steven Cummings story about the rise of new world mythology supplanting the status Quo is one that has been a slow build. The blend of American comics and Japanese manga storytelling they have created is something surprising. They have managed to tell a story that feels much bigger then the pages I. These slim issues. For me Wayward is reminiscent of the old Bill Willingham independent book Elementals that played with shaping modern myths; it's an ambitions book and they stunningly nail it when it comes to hitting sweet spots inmstorytelling for me. Love so many of the characters and the one we lost recent really hurt me deeply.

Doom Patrol 7 $3.99

It was Teen Titans that made me aware of and pick up the Doom Patrol. Oddly Teen Titans is a different tea, then it was back then but Doom Patrol is a little the same but taken to a weirder place. Gerald Way is channeling everything that has always been cool about this book but has filtered it through his own sense of crazy. The book rocks and with a guest issue by Michael and Laura Allred this can only be even stranger. This is the book I wish other superhero comics would aspire to be.

Mother Panic 9 $3.99

Jody Houser has given a new voice to the story of Gotham city in the character and background cast of Mother Panic. Violet Paige is not, most assuredly not a member of the Bat-family and though I love parts of the mythos it's cool to see another take on how to vigilante in the Dark Knights city. Though this book is not Gotham Central by Greg Rucka I think it fills that same dark, police procedural niche w/o being a boys in blue story. Violet is a violent vengeful presence and I like reading a book with a passionate motivated figure in it like this. Oh and though I loved the Shawn Crystal issues we have John Paul Leon back for a couple at the moment so that's a good thing too.



Black Hammer 11 $3.99

Jeff Lemire is doing a brilliant job of doing a post event comic book. Comic events these days take characters out of the regular story by death or other means. Black Hammer is the story about where those characters go. That description does no real justice to how Jeff makes these prior superheroes real people with pasts and lost futures now. Dean Ormston creates some marvelous pages showing the stories and struggles of theses trapped heroes. In the last few issue things have taken a darker turn. Like the people behind Doom Patrol the creators behind this are telling stories that move the superhero genre somewhere different and it's a good good thing.


In addition to these Zojaqan 1, Lumberjanes 40, Batman Shadow 4, and Steven Universe 6 come out this week so I'm pretty doomed when it comes to my budget.


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