Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Comics Pull List August 2, 2017

Hello, welcome to my weekly look at the books I'm looking forward to picking up this week. I will say I try most of the time to keep my list to around twenty dollars but with all the marvelous talented artists and writers out there I want to support I usually fail in that vain hope. Here we go...


Shade the Changing Girl 11 $3.99

Cecil Castellucci Marley Zarcone and Kelly Fitzpatrick have very brilliantly recaptured the feeling of the Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo Shade the Changing Man without being deriviative or retreading the same material. Loma Shade's trip outside her 'home' town to Gotham and beyond in search for her idol Honey who's hay day was decades ago and has a lot to teach our hero Loma. The last couple issues have brought the hunters from Meta a lot closer and her madness out more. It's a great book and is usually the You g Animal book I'd call my favorite.

Rocket Girl 8 $3.99

There are some books that you know are so good you don't mind waiting for; Amy Reeder and Brendon Montclare's Rocket Girl is one of those books. DaYoung, our time displaced teen cop stuck in the full color eighties, is back in the beautifully detailed dymanicly drawn book that has been missing for far too long. If you have yet to see the cool that is Rocket Girl there is a image cheap ($9.99) volume one out there and given how fun this book is it's a real comics bargain collection of the first five issues. In addition to being a good actiona adventure it's a good police procedural and has a kitch and deliciously twisted 2015 that DaYoung came from that we often revisit too.

Spiritus 1 $3.99

Spiritus is a disturbing twist on the prison happy state the USA lives in where mass incarceration is used for mass profit. In the world of Spiritus some crimes come with the sentence of being downloaded into a robotic form to work off your debt to society, tirelessly and conscious of all you have lost including your incinerated original body. That is a gruesome prospect and out hero she is given the option to be put in a robotic body without the programming that traps it in service. Having read it already it's compelling, beautifully illustrated and a great addition to the stable of science fiction and fantasy books coming from Vault comics.

Black Bolt 4 $3.99

With the creative team of Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward I'd be getting this book no matter who the lead was but it's great that there is now actually a Inhumans title I actually like reading. Saladin writes complex, deep and conflicted characters and the cast nod crew of the black site prison along with Black Bolt qualify as all those things. Adding Ward with his unique cosmic artistic vision to this story only makes it all the more a must buy. They are using and adding character depth to Aborbing man and creating unique and interesting new characters to marvels cosmic stable of players.

Deathstroke 22 $3.99

Though the Lazarus Contract made everyone think of the Wolfman and Perez classic story The Judah's Contract, the first issue of the Defiance feels more a successor to that story. The complex conflicting relationships in the team Slade and his wife put together and the sly writing of Christopher Priest very effectively sold the story of the "reformed" assassin come hero. Deathstroke is the title that brought me back to DC given the k

Elsewhere 1 $3.99

Jay Faerber (Copperhead) and artist Sumeyye Kesgin created this portal fantasy story about what really happened to Amelia Earhart. The recent photo of he supposed appearance in Japan during their period of western exclusion is an intriguing truth well never know so this journey to a fantasy world and her life there as a freedom fighter will have to do. Jay in interviews has had nothing but good to say about the the designs and artwork of his partner on this book.

Ghost Station Zero 1 $3.99

Last years Codename Baboushka told a thrilling action adventure tale about what most spy stories use as a throwaway trope, the Russian femme fatale. The kinetic art by Shari Chankhamma might show its manga roots but she's made it something all her own as I can't say who it reminds me of. The first volume featured alternate covers by a host of cool comics artists who happen to all be women and backmatter essays about women in action adventure media. It also has a notable pedigree having been written by Anthony Johnston who was the creator behind the comic Atomic Blond which hits cinemas this year. It was the art of Shari that got my attention the first time round the soft lines of her art lent itself to fluid scenes of action and violence so damn well.


Catalyst Prime's Noble 4 also comes out this week and that really does put me well over the to of breaking my budget.


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