Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Comics Pull List July 19, 2017

Hello, this week I'm breaking my twenty dollar budget for one book but it's such a brilliant book I have to do it. To be perfectly honest I do pretty much go over budget every week but with all the worth creators out there to support I usually can't pass up appealing books. I'm also including a bonus collection because I am really enjoying Fabian Rangal Jr. And this was my first exposure to him...anyway here comes the list.


Catalyst Prime Superb 1 $3.99

Quite honestly Lion Forge had my attention and money at he mention of David F Walker with this book. He's joined by Eisner award winning writer, Sheena C. Howard on this teen superhero team up book. I'd love to have a lot to say about what I expect from this book that co-stars a hero with Downs Syndrome but other then a feeling it will hit lots of social issues head on given the writers I can't say much. I'm confident this is worth the price of admission. (Yes, all the Catalyst Prime books will be at the top of my pull list posts)

Victor LaValle's Destroyer 3 $3.99

Victor LaValle writes an amazing enigma in the monster in this book. He's a presence, a force of nature almost. LaValle is someone that surprises me as an author. I knew I wanted this book based on his writing and the pitch about the alchemist saving her son. This is not at all what I was expecting. It's much more and I want to see where all this is leading. On top of that the art is amazing in its detail and how the world is presented.

America 5 $3.99

This is one of the handfull Marvel books I'm still interested in supporting. Gabby Rivera is honestly writing the hell our of this solo look at America. Even if I wasn't picking this book up the names Ramon Villalobos and Tamara Bonvillain on the cover would get me to drop four dollars on it. I miss their work creating pages for Nighthawk and even if this is just one fill in issue it is a welcome return of a great art team-up. Mentioning team-ups this is a team-up issue for Hawkeye and America too boot.

Generation Gone 1 $3.99

I read some of Ales Kot's Zero and all of his Winter Soldier both of which grabbed me emotionally from very different places, so any new book from him will have my attention. His partner on Generation Gone, André Lima Araújo, was the reason I picked up Avengers A.I. And the odd Inhumanity issue because his art combines aspects of so many styles into something all him. Kot and Araújo both wanted to tell a story that hit on real issues and somehow found that in a book that involved superpowers. The preview pages give hints that this is a book that pulls on a lot of disparate influences and could be a brilliant mix of great elements. It's bound to be worth supporting.

Moonstruck 1 $3.99

Grace Ellis, one of the minds behind Lumberjanes, co-created this modern fantasy romance story with artist newcomer Shay Beagle. I listened to a wonderful interview with the creators behind this romantic drama with monsters on the Geek Out podcast here. The soft rounded art by Shay and the pastel colors by Caitlin Quirk in this book appeal to me quite a bit and work together to create a real sense of character and atmosphere. As someone who likes urban fantasy it's great to see a magical reality book that is not a police procedural, PI or crime story. It's a must have so I'm going to have to make rook for this book.


Bitch Planet Tripple Feature 2 $3.99

It's time for another dive into the wider world of Bitch Planet with the second issue of Tripple Feature. Three more creative teams create some short stories exposime more about how this grinhouse inspired world works or quite honestly doesn't work for the majority of its population (i.e. Not cis white hetero men). Like it's parent title it comes with all the relavent biting backmatter we all know and appreciate.

Lazarus X+66 1 $3.99

Well, I will admit I have not been following this amazing science fiction drama by Greg Ruck and Michael Lark but with this mini-series I think I'm on board. This particular issue brings Rucka and Steve Lieber back together and I remember loving their book way back when. I also made the mistake of listening to part 2 of an interview with Greg Rucka on Robots from Tomorrow and well now I have connection to this so I'm counting it as money spent.

Doc Unknown Compete edition $24.99

I am a fan of pulp era fiction and I backed the second part for this book on Kickstarter before I knew that I liked Fabian Rangal Jr.'s writing, sometimes you take a chance. It's been a while since I got it and it was a whole lot of fun. I think forgot about how much I liked Fabian's writing till I picked up Space Raiders, Namwolf and got my copy of Blood Brothers before making the connection back to this book. It's solid pulp comics writing and is well worth having all of it, as a matter of fact I need it myself.


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