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Dead-Wood Comics Dispatch May 11 2015

The Comics Dispatch is my weekly column looking at what will be among the books I actually will be purchasing this week. I try to keep to an actual budget of twenty dollars though its not often I keep to it given how many good books there are nowadays but that is the aim (Oh god damn this week will be so totally broken, broken....) Each week I start with my choice for which one I would get if only get one and I follow the pull list with a suggested collection or original graphic novel for those who don't do periodicals...

(And again oh good god, how do I choose just one for this marvelous

Ms Marvel #15

Ok yes, I'm a predictable fan but this book is consistently the most honest and charming read on the weeks it comes out and reminds me of getting the books I loved in the eighties. G Willow Wilson puts just enough superheroing into the adventure that is Kamala' s geektastic life that i am reminded that life should always be a bit of an adventure. Last couple issues gave a bit of a fake out on the whole romance angle and added a lot of complexity to the developing cast of the book revealing just how much her friends and family do pay attention to her life. This title may not be for everyone but as with fantasy novels that explore the genre through the eyes of the other getting Kamala's fangirl view of life and her joy for life is refreshing in a genre that goes grim far far too often. $2.99

Captain Marvel #15

So this could have been my only one choice given how much I have loved this incarnation of the Carol Danvers story, she has such a rich history havering been around the Marvel universe for so long and Kelly Sue has been stellar in making her more then she's been before. Her long space bound adventure seems to be over so there are many reunions we can look forward to including the adorable Lt. Trouble, Spider-woman and Jim Rhodes.... What can I say about the book other then if you still haven't found it its time to take a read before the lights go out on this book for a coule months while the marvel universe ends or something like that. Kelly Sue Deconnick tops my list of comic writers and really why are you not reading this book. $3.99


Copperhead #7

The new sheriff of Copperhead gets some more downtime in this storyline as she takes the teacher up on the invite. I've come to rather appreciate books that take the time to delve into the non-heroing parts of their stories. Sherif Clara embarks on a bit of a social life while the colony may be in the sights of a violent gang and knowing that there is a Deputy Boo solo story on the near horizon perhaps this is the opening volley in that tale. Unlike Saga which is a bit of escalation with each page Copperhead is a more slow burn sort of affair that give both the payoff on your expectations and twists them in ways you didn't expect.mill do my usual pitch for this in case you all missed it before, its a bit like Adventures of the Galaxy rangers minus the super powers with liberal doses of Deadwood minus most of the cussing as it would disturb from the glorious art. $3.50



Southern Cross #3

Sci if horror has been a love of mine since I saw the original Aliens in the theatre, sure I was a kid and it so game me nightmares but I've always been a bit of a strange kid. The mystery and horror have been more of a background note so far but its pretty obvious from the artistic hints that there is something not too kosher on the ship Southern Cross. Belanger and his colourist have managed to get that odd mix of science fiction industrial feel and gothic look to truly work to create a very haunted house kind of vibe reminiscent of the Nostromo eventhough this is not a largely empty mining vessel. I also get the hints that Becky Cloonan has a novels length story somewhere lurking behind this introductory story. Excellent book especially at $2.99

Injection #1

Like Kelly Sue Deconnick the name Warren Ellis pretty much cliches my initial interest in a title and the addition of Declan Shalvey his partner on the that amazing Moon Knight run makes it doubly so. Injection looks to be a neat future cautionary tale of some sort but with Warren at the helm I can only assume it will be sheer brilliance and very very pretty to look at. Its only $2.99 so its a bargin given the creative staff. Any other week it would have been my if I could only buy one....

RunLoveKill #2

RunLoveKill was a book I boughten on a lark because I loved the cover three dee maquette look and it was priced right for giving it a go. Its the modern comic equivalent of Aeon Flux action wise and has about the same kinetic artistic power as Traad Moore and that is saying a lot. The comparison to Aeon is a bit unfair because its like that dystopic setting but without all the over the top gynoids misogyny which went along with that animation. The story feels very hard boiled-y blade runner ish with our heroine trying to not be trapped in a city about to wall itself in. Really can't wait to see more of the setting given the hints liberally dropped througout issue one. Its $2.99 and something a bit new and different and that is always a good thing.


So that gets me to right about twenty dollars and there is so much more goodness out there this week including Harrow County by Cullen Bunn from Dark Horse, Thor by Jason Aaron which promises to be the revelatory issue, Angela by Margarite Bennett and Kieron Gillen, there is also one of my favorites Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier too which I really just can't pass up so I'll be breaking my limit for pretty sure.


And for my OGN collection suggestion for the week...



The collection of the previous web series Nimona by the ever so talented Noelle Stevenson the cowriter of Lumberjanes which is a book I totally missed out on. I only read bits and pieces of it but it is well worth actually paying for now that it is no longer available for free and who doesn't love a book about a villainous sidekick and her villain poking holes at the pristineness of heroes and Law Enforcement. I always love a bit of subversion and this is such a cool looking book... Its out in hard and soft cover and its a steal at the softcover price of $12.99


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