Monday, May 18, 2015

Dead-wood Pull List Dispatch May 18. 2015

The Dead-wood pull list dispatch plays by a fairly loose rulebook. I try to keep to my actual budget for me weekly comics of twenty dollars (though I often break that when I am at me FLCS). I start the list with my choice of what I would get if I could only get one book this week its often a hard choice and this week is no different. I also try to add a collection that I would suggest....

And if I could get just one its really a dead heat between A-Force and Jem and the Holograms and well I really don't think I could make that choice....

A-Force #1

Secret Wars #2 absolutely hooked me and with the comments by Jill Lapore and the amusing and much more well thought out and reasoned rebuttal via G Willow Wilson I have to read it. Really Marvel had me at G Willow writing it but with the promise that its a thought out look at female superheroes and by someone who writes one of my two favorite books and character recently well I'm in. Looking at the cover this could be a pretty crowded book but I don't expect to see all of them starring in this book so I'd be happy pretty much with any conceivable grouping. My hopes and my expectations are pretty high and given how great a recent non superhero movie I saw was this book has a high bar to reach. So looking forward to it though $3.99


Jem and the Holograms #3

Kelly Thompson's story has won me over and between her and Sophie Campbell's oh so charming beautiful art I'm reminded that I did enjoy the few episodes of the show I saw so long ago. I think that its great that there is a book out on the shelves like this now along with ones like Lumberjanes, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Giant Days to name a few alternatives to super spandex and horror stories staring great characters. So I'm won over, the story the art the coloring all of it is doing something very very good. Sure it may not be your kind of thing and that is totally ok because there is enough room out the for the things that are and diversity in stories and heroes is a great great thing. I'm so looking forward to how the story in this one developes. $3.99


Hexed #10

In last months advance orders I found out that issue 12 will be the end of this current story and it does seem that the status quo is going through some big big changes. The Harlot, the keeper of secrets has been an enigma for most of this book and now we get the big reveal and I suspect that its gong to be much much more then I might guess. Hexed has been for me the best of the urban fantasy stories around and that is saying a lot given Wayward and Buffy are both pretty excellent and fit different places in the genre. Its a book that more people should be reading. $3.99



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