Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Comics May 31 2015


Wayward #8

What I have really come to love about Wayward by Jim Zub Steve Cummings and Tamara Bonvillain is their avoiding over narration and explaination endemic in classic superhero comics. This issue reveals some things about my favorite character Ayane and made me like a coule of the others just a bit more. The neat thing about this issue was the storytelling choices that rely almost fully on Steve Cummings to tell the story artistically and the colors really shone through as my attention was drawn right into the panels trying to glean as much as I could from them. This is the kind of book that like Bucky Barnes that use all the strengths of sequential art in telling the tale. Really stood out and reminded me of why I so love comics. Full marks for this one.

Infinite Loop #2

Time travel stories certainly seem to be in vogue these days and this one got me in just one issue and it wasn't even issue one. My FLCS had just one copy of this by the creative team of Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier who apparently funded this initially on Kickstarter. Though a action adventure time travel story about agents that remove anomalies that may or may not threaten reality the heart of this story is the relationship that begins when our hero Teddy becomes attracted to one such anomoly and becomes the object of a search by her onetime colleagues. The art is remiscent for me of Bruce Timm being sort of animated but just sort and much more complex then it appears. This issue is partially an internal dialogue Terry has with herself about saving the girl shaped anomoly. I'm hooked again pretty close to top marks....


And since I missed commenting on this next one last week here's something you just may find you love...

Jem and the Holograms #3

Since I didn't get a chance to do so last weekend due to work I have to write about this truely charming character driven story. Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell are creating a true winner reimagining this eighties animation show. Between them and the glorious soft neon/pastel colours by M Victoria Robado these characters are slowly coming alive as is the impression of music and motion implied through the accents in the art. I was getting this because I love Sophie Campbell's style and character designs but have fallen in love with the characters. I find I really want to see the slow development of the relationship between a certain two characters grow, and have been charmed by another relationship too though I was not invested before. I'm loving the disfunctions and foibles that these characters have and find myself oddly invested in this one. Five stars.... Happily surprised....


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