Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dead-Wood Comics Dispatch Pull List May 27 2015

So for those just joing me this is my weekly post that hits on Mondays or if I'm lax on Tuesdays and represent my comics pull list including books that I will be dropping my hard earned cash on. My real budget (eventhough I oft break it) is twenty bucks and I try to keep it at least close. I start my list with my must for the week, the book I would get if I could only get one and I finish up with a collection I would get for those who buy that way. So here we go

And now on what I think is really the big puts into Secret Wars... So my choices for a single comic is possibly a bit surprising...

Wayward #8

Jim Zub's Japan-centric urban fantasy romp usually hits high on my list but the fact that this new story arc is featuring the retune of then no so cat girl cat girl Ayane makes me pretty happy. The alt cover features the enigmatic girl hero who was my favorite from the initial story arc. She is still paying back up to the feature heroine of the story but that is usually the way for characters I take a shine to. The new main character introduced in issue 6 I also like lots and well the slow build on the overall tale has held and built my interest in this book and with Hexed winding down its nice to know my urban fantasy needs are going to still be well met. This also sates a bit of my need for manga as I am so so out of that loop right now.i just hope to score one of this cover for myself... Fun fun book if you enjoy Japanese manga and urban fantasy... $3.50

The Wicked + The Divine #12

This second arc of The Wicked and the Divine has done a lot story wise to cement my interest and attention revealing much more of the depth and complexity of the characters and the setting that they have been building. The last two issues have reveals that the two year time limit can be circumvented at of such such a cost and with this finale and the gruesome cover I am curious as to how this will wrap up. It may be a bit of the layout or art style and grim undertones in the story but this book reminds me in all the best ways of Preacher back in the nineties. As this is the end of the arc its possibly not the best place to start but it sure seems to have hooks to it to bring you in. $3.50


(Looks like my week may have gotten just a bit cheaper as The Wicked and The Divine may just be delayed till next week....)

MODOK Assassin #1

Among all the various Secret Wars books why you may ask why this one. Christopher Yost is not a writer that I was familiar with till I got the subscription to Marvel Unlimited and I find his to be surprisingly good particularly at dialogue. I also loved the things that Ales Kot did with this big headed sometimes joke in Secret Avengers so I'm willing to give this a go as I am taking a like to book that make me laugh and smile and this promises to have a dark sense of humor... Here's hoping. $3.99


Given that this month has been very expensive having a small week is a good thin and this week comes in at just about $11 dollars... If I manage not to pick up Secrt Wars 2099, Where Monsters Well or Infinity Gauntlet as I think I have to wait to read those latter and I'm so not good at waiting....




Strong Female Protagonist Vol 1

Given my current love for Mad Max Fury Road and is lovely lovely group of heroines too numerous to mention I'd be remiss in not mentioning Molly Ostertag and Brennan Mulligan's Strong Female Protaginist. This webcomic that you can read for free and really should be doing so is one that is also well worth supporting by buying the print version. Here is a link to the comics current page http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-5/page-117/ and I have to say think that between the two of them they created a book that rivals books like Invincible and powers for creating a non big two super hero universe that really stands on its own and manages to do so within one "title" rather then sprawling. The book has great pithy points to make and does it very much in the same way George Miller manages to do by avoiding the tired stereotypes and just telling a great story. $20.00 and worth it.





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