Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Comics May 14 2015

I can say that Captain Marvel 15 is one of the best comics I have read in a long long while. Everything about the issue was simply brilliant ; the honesty of Kelly Sue' s heartfelt writing, the expressions captured by David Lopez' s subtle art , the color palet chosen for the issue by Lee Loughridge right down the clarity of VC Caramagna' s lettering that could be distinguished dispite my tears. The "Next Right Thing" is a well crafted story about something relateable in everyone's lives the dealing with loss and grief. I won't say who Carol has lost that is made pretty plain right away but as with many of the losses I have had in life thus far its not one that comes as too great a shock but it is one that hits right at her heart and David captured her moment of realization so so well. Between the words Kelly Sue chooses to use and the body language of the characters I forgot all about the superheroes, the spandex and the in pending end(s) and felt really truly and deeply for Carol and her closest friends.

The story has all the elements of a great story no matter the media it's told in and their love and care really does show and this book makes me proud to say I love comics. Their use of subtle details and little things lend authenticity to the overall feel of the book and touches my heart even writing about it. Kelly Sue's letter to her fans in the end is equally honest and open as the pages they created. The story revealed more about the characters I love as people in what they choose to say or not say in the course of the story some are just there and present for their friend. This book might not be the top of some fans lists but its won a place in me heart as one of the best issues I've had the pleasure to read even if it left me crying and choked up. Top marks, five stars, ten out of ten... whatever scale you use ... tops.


Angela #6

This issue caps off the first storyline and stars so manny additional characters that is kind of amazing that it revealed so much about Angela herself and Sera. It also managed to fully hook me for the next story arc given some of the revelations Gillen and Bennett had up their sleeves. Though I didn't know if I loved the comic earlier in the run there was always something that kept me coming back. For me it will be a long wait till the end of Secret Wars to get back to the story hinted at on the final page. My newfound love of this title makes it a must have from this last week and one I am very happy that I stuck with eventhough I have some doubts, I shouldn't have given the writers but I did... Perhaps its a bit like Jonathan Hickman's work where it reads better in large doses...


Southern Cross #3

Becky Cloonan is a pretty good myster writer as I'm now more involved in the suspense mystery going on then the whole impending haunted space ship tale. It doesn't hurt the book that she is doing some pretty magnificent looking covers but I have to five credit to Andy Belanger who I didn't know about before this book he can do massive space ships, technology and people with equal artistic weight and captures the sprint of the cover artwork. This issue delves into the incidents that occured in stateroom 17 and hint heavily at deeper mysteries hiding among the crew. There are a couple of surprising developments and some things didn't go the way I expected and that is always a good thing in my book. So reminiscent of the power of the stroytelling in the original Aliens I can't avoid the comparison. If it sound your thing the issues are probably out there and you should so track them down. Pretty much top marks but Captain Marvel this week was impossible to top.




Secret Wars #2

So I liked Secret Wars #1 alright, it was a fine start that was epic in the sense of scale but it was a bit too fast to really hook me. Secret Wars two I knew I would eventually buy and given my FLCS owner put is aside for me when he was running low I had to pick it up and it was pretty marvelous all told. This is kind of where the story really starts throwing us in the deep and and explaining to us how to swim in this new strange and oddly fun setting. The old Odinson explains a lot of the working of the world to a new member of the Thor police corps and there are cameos a plenty throughout the issue along with the first taste of this setting. Hickman manages to really hit high notes of most corners of the Marvel Universe and point to some dramatic events that make me want to read a bit deeper into the whole thing more then I can afford to. I would caution people if you don't want to be enthused and exited about this event then skip this as it may well be the instigation incident that spends more of your money.


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