Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Comic Pull List Sept 14 2016

I may have only had one day out of my planned two at Rose City Comic Con (which I will post about tomorrow or Wednesday) it was a pretty great time and I am wanting to buy my two day pass for next year already (note it's Sept 9 and 10 2017 for anyone thinking about it). This week is a pretty tame week thankfully as I did spend a bit at the con. As always I'm trying to keep to the twenty dollars I've allotted but I may have additional suggestions. And here we go...


Southern Cross 7 $3.99

Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger's science fiction thriller come haunted house story finally continues beautifully colored by Lee Loughridge. The first six issues introduced us to the crew of the ship Southern Cross and Alex Braith who was heading to the mining station on Titan where her sister died and complicated the pilot with a haunted ships drive, smugglers, disappearing women and some definate weirdness taking us to now. Issue seven is set entirely on the mining station and promises to introduce and all new cast and much much more intrigue that builds on what we think we know. Not to spoil the first arc but it may be a while till Alex, the Captain and Ships crew return so I'm hoping to click as well with the new complicated cast of characters. I no longer have to make due with Punisher to get some story from Becky and though it was good this is what I really wanted to read.

Doom Patrol 1 $3.99

Way back when it was the New Teen Titans and Gar Logan who introduced me to the hard luck heroes that would become my favorites to hope for someone to do something awesome with. Actually I've really enjoyed a good number of incarnations of this team of misfits and am happy to see someone who fully gets the concept of weird fiction like Gerald Way working on the book. I think it's been long enough since the Grant Morrison and Rachel Polack runs for this groups bizzare adventures to fully ride again. The Doom Patrol were the Xmen before they were everyone's favorites. It sounds like Gerald is dulling from across the history of the group and some new viewpoint characters but the hook that makes this a must buy is the mention that Crazy Jane is part of the mix, to me she was the linchpin of Morrisons run. Oh and I'm hoping to get with the Sanford Greene or the Babs Tarr cover if my FLCS got them.


Animosity 2 $3.99

Marguerite Bennett's work I pretty much pick up without taking a flip through it as she's become one of the writers who's books I can just count on being worth buying and Animosity proved it to me again. Issue one began with pages where the art told most of the story and even silent panels or pages are a collaboration between artist and writer and wow did these work. Rafael De Latorre communicated quite well emotion through his pages wether it was human or animal he was drawing. Animosity came off both visceral and shocking in its blend of quitter scene and violence; as the saying once went this will make you believe a man can fly, well this book will remind you animals, particular our pets have compensation inner lines, feeling, and that you probably don want them to actually talk. Great chilling modern horror adventure. Bravo. Oh year second issue get it.

Black Panther 6 $3.99

Last year Marvel touted a particular new title as their answer to GoT but as with so many planned things execution is everything. Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther is writing the book that has delivered on the promise for a complex nuanced violent political drama instead of that other book. T'chilla is the Kirby creation well suited to this kind of story, he's a cunning deep thinker with a genius on the level of a Richards, Stark or von Doom but historically has a deep spiritual core. Writers over time have added to the nation and history of Wakanda and the stable of complex troubles and enemies that worry at its security. Black Panther as a title is something kind of unique at the house of ideas right now and given the richness of the art and story I wonder that so few people talk about it.


Mockingbird 7 $3.99

The set up for this tie in issue has Bobbi hiding from the Civil War 2 conflict on a comic con being staged on a cruise ship, what could go wrong. Oh, you can expect a murder a manipulative villain and a trip into the Bermuda Triangle. I can say little about the book at the moment other then my enjoyment of the creative team as Diamond regularly misses shipping to my FLCS and issue 6 was no exception so I have no clue wether I'll get this or not.


Which gets me right up to the edge of my budget so I may have to pass on Superwoman 2, Hadrians' Wall 1 and Horizon 3 all which might make the final pile...ill let you know.


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