Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Comics Pull List Sept 7 2016

So much to look forward to this week and not the least of which is Rose City Comic Con which is the one con of the year I get to go to so perhaps I'll have a bit of a post about it if I make it but what I'm really here to share is my choices for what I'm picking up and think needs a bit of a signal boost this week. As ever I'm shooting to keep my pile at somewhere around twenty dollars and as the con is coming I have to pretty much keep to that total to have some money to spend there.

(Kim & Kim 2 from last weeks list is actually shipping this week and I still think it's one of the more charming buddy stories out there and will be in my pull this week along with the rest.) (

Paper Girls 9 $2.99

Last week Saga came out which needs little if any signal boost but I will say that despite winning the Eisner I seldom hear people talking about what crazy science fiction fantasy fun Paper Grils is and Brian K Vaughan , Cliff Chang and Matt Wilson have been killing it on this book. I mean if anyone out that said they loved Stranger Things and asked what comic should I get this would be the book I would suggest. BKV has done little if any hand-waving explainery for this book and that's just fine as the whys and how's are hardy ever as satisfying as the adventures the characters are on. These girls were "11" before there was an eleven to compare them to and look at that cover its tells you pretty much how gonzo the book can get.

Alters 1 $3.99

I tuned into the Q and A with Paul Jenkins about this a month or so back through #comicbookhour on Twitter and it was pretty informative and made me hopeful for this title to be a case of positive representation. Chalice, a transitioning post human or alter, is one of many disadvantaged people who have gained superpowers in this new book and given that Paul Jenkins is a multifaceted writer there is a chance she will be a many layered complex character that also happens to be transgender. He not only consulted with trans people he hired one of my favorite colorists Tamara Bonvillain to word with him on the book and happens to be someone who can comment from life experience. As with another title this week I do have reservations about the book as there has been much buzz about it but as I said I'm hopeful.

Goldie Vance 5 $3.99

What was supposed to be a limited series about this teen detective liking in a resort hotel and working for the hotel detective has been changed into a continuing book with its creators Brittany Williams and Hope Larson. Set in the sixties this teen girl detective story that to me is reminiscent of Nancy Drew which I recall fondly from childhood has some cool episode looking fashion and gets to play with a more innocent seeming backdrop of hot rods, drag races and teen gangs without the grim reality creeping in too much. Brittany Williams range of character design and quite honestly beautiful art is what drew me in the first issue and made me pick it up and their collaboration has kept me interested in this pretty much all ages book. Boom is taking a chance on keeping it going so hopefully people will discover it and boost its sales so it doesn't go away like Welcome Back did after getting given more issues.

Nights Dominion 1 $3.99

Ted Naief has been around independent comics for a good long time and though I don't recall the book he did way back when I was working in a comic shop I do remember it being a goth-y slice of life kind of book. This fantasy world title has been getting regular tease ads about one or another of its iconic fantasy character types and the art looks pretty damned stunning. With the loss of the book Rat Queens I've been looking for a new fantasy book and this looks to be one worthy of taking a look at, from the description it's a caper book starring the usual suspects and a barmaid with knowledge and a big secret.


Bounty 3 $3.99 (alternate/extra)

Though I've gotten issues one and two of this book I've yet to mention it here on the pull list and that is due to my being conflicted about one of the books creators. To be upfront and honest I'm buying the book to support its artist Mindy Lee who's got a sense of design and style that really appeals to me and her storytelling is pretty spot on. The book reminds me of several anime and manga science fiction mercenary stories I loved going back to Dirty Pair and Crusher Joe back in the eighties to the more recent Coyboy BeBop and like those stories there is a lot of substance under Mindy's style. As I do have issues with the writer in his treatment of another artist colorist pair I happen to think quite highly of...and I'll leave my comments at that. This issue promises to go into the tragic back stories of the cast and as I have really come to like them all I'm quite interested in reading this but much more interested in seeing Mindy's beautiful pages.



( I wrote the beginning of this post once and realized I had to take another shot asstart getting political and didn't want that in my pull list. So I will write about that book separately as I'm too conflicted to suggest it based on the editor. This was a very conflicted feeling list from what was going to be my first choice being something I had to rethink, Alters and my hope over the take on the lead character and Bounty and it's dividing me over its owner/creators.) so comment is you have anything to add or say please.


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