Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Comics Pull List Sept 21 2016

Hello everyone, tried something a bit different this week; I wrote this intro after finishing some comments about what I was picking up rather then before and maybe that stalled me a bit in getting it posted. This is my weekly list of what I think is worth picking up keeping in mind my budget of twentyish dollars and that I do try to support books that might get less notice though this week pretty much everything is pretty high profile I think. Anyway let me know what you think is worth buying if you like as I'd live a conversation.

Power Man and Iron Fist 8 $3.99

Oh damn, I'm going to be talking about David F Walker again as he spins out more of the street level adventures of Luke Cage and Danny Rand aided by the artistic talents of Sanford Greene and Flaviano. Feels strange to be putting a Civil War tie in at the top of my list but well it is the book I'm most looking forward to and one that drops Luke and Danny into a tough position. Their new headquarters was raided by the police and Danny was scooped up with a couple of the one time criminal or relatives there of that we're there to hire them. It's a complex story but ties into the tense political atmosphere created by the use of predictive policing by the superhero community that is ripping up shit between the heavy hitters and has now drug Luke back into their crap again. Anyhow it's a great book that as ever manages to be actually topical oh and it's such a good looking book too.

Jem and the Holograms 19 $3.99

This issue brings in several new aspects to the book that really won my heart over the last year and a bit; first of all its the debute issue of the new regular artist Meredith McClaren to Kelly Thompson's pop drama. Meredith if you have not seen her idiosyncratic open lined totally cute and expressive art style you really need to go look at Hinges from Image and Heart in a Box from Dark Horse. This issue also beings a change in the regular membership of the holograms and signals the real debut of the new rival band the Stingers who's designs by Sophie Cambell looked so great. Looking at interviews and preview images I know this is something not to miss.



The Wicked+the Divine 1831 $3.99

Stephanie Hans' pages were one of the many many joys of Angela and even if I was not a regular reader of WicDiv I would pick it up anyway because of her involvement. As this issue is a stand alone story set in 1831 I have too see how it's going to affect the present storyline and how the pre mass media and social media era divine incarnations acted in a old without ubiquitous cameras. I do not know how this will real all on its lonesome but I have picked up random issues of other Kieron Gillen's books in the past and he's a pretty deft storyteller as I became a fan of his in the middle of things with Young Avengers. What I do know is that the art will be amazing as will the story given the creators involved.

Black Hammer 3 $3.99

I get the impression that Jeff Lemire really loves superhero stories and has something to say about the genre and the near everpresent event story happening these days. Issue one effectively set up our heroes in their separate settings; the heroes lost to the world because of some crisis some still set on getting home ten years after the fact and the people left behind in the original world they defended. It's this kind of thing that I really enjoy when it comes to superheroes a book that is fully its own thing with its own message but also references multiple characters and stories that are both familiar and a bit weirdly different both in story and in art.

Kingsway West 2 $3,99

Maybe it's having grown up watching reruns of Wild Wild West, Jonah Hex comics on the newsstand next to Conan and weird indy Kirby comics and Swamp thing but the blending of westerns and fantasy somehow just go together to me. The alternate west Greg Pak created with Mirko Colak and Wil Quintana is a war torn one claimed by the US Mexico and the Far East for its deposits of magic red Gold populated by fantasy creatures and the survivors of the wars over the land. Kingsway is just an old soldier trying to find his wife but it's a western so you know nothing is going to be easy. I love this kind of thing and Mirko's art is reminiscent of Joe Kubert who in my memory defined a lot of the look of comic westerns.



Seven to Eternity 1 $3.99

Well here's another fatasy western or is that western fantasy; Rick Remender Jerome OpeƱa and Matt Holloingsworth are doing their own riff on the theme I mentioned for Kingsway West. This is more a second world fantasy with a definate nod to spaghetti westerns at least with the look of the promos and the previews; where Kingsway is Kibertesque this is looking widescreen spectacle. It's a second world fantasy and one that involves gods directly and struggle for survival. Rick's work is hit or miss for me so I'm hoping this will be one that clicks with me.


So that's a bit over budget but maybe I'll skip one when I flip through it...or maybe not.


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