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Comics Pull List September 28 2016

Oh well full freaking disclosure here I'm not going to make it anywhere near my budget this week, I usually go a bit over but this week has just too many books I think are worthy of support so I've been saving up for it. So usually I do keep this list to a twenty dollar budget with maybe a bit of leeway....anyway it's a long list so bear with me if you will


Nighthawk 5 $3.99

This is the second to last time I get to post about this great book by David Walker, Ramon Villalobos, Tamara Bonvillain with some art assists across the last half year. It's been a book that is unflinching in its look at the various evils that plague the real world from toxic gentrification to racist police profiling and has left the bodies of white supremicist gun runners and crooked cops in its wake. It's a book that I was quite happily surprised Marvel published and let David tell the story he wanted to tell even if the vagaries of the direct market made it a mini series. To quote David himself the brightest lights burn the fastest and I'm glad we got this great six issue series that still has two issues to look forward to. Tilda and Kyle may not have their own book to star in in the coming year but David is writing a new book called Occupy Avengers that I'm hoping they may find a home in.

Kim & Kim 3 $3.99

I'm both exited and sad to see this is out this week; exited because it's been such a fun read so far and sad that it means there is just one more issue remaining to look forward to. Kim & Kim is on many blogs must read lists and best new books lists and in my opinion it's getting well deserved attention and praise as Magdalene Eva and Claire have really put a lot of love and effort into making an amazing book. This may be a gonzo bounty hunting road trip story across worlds and dimensions in a wacky weird science fantasy setting but underneath that it's a book about the supportive friendship between there two full on driven women making it their own way. The cute expressive art and brightly colored pages really click with the spirit of this book that avoids the gritty and grim dark that swallows so many books around it. If you think Broad City or Fleabag you may have a good grasp on the tone of the book and the attitude of the Kim's. Go get it...really go.

Island 11 $7.99

Island week is always an expensive one but I never worry about paying for this cool anthology as it he choices of Brandon Graham and Emma Rios have yet to dissapoint me. This issue finishes up the four part story by Matt Sheean and Malaki Ward and introduces two new to me authors Grim Wilkins and Robin Bougie. Island is one of the books I don't flip through before reading it as its one of the books I look forward to be surprised by. Island is like getting a loosely themed anthology where you know you'll get a bit of weird perhaps a bit of scandalous some laughs or tears but always something that is worth investing yourself into.

Ody - C 11 $3.99

Matt Fraction tackles the tale of the tragedy of the Oresteia from a oblique angle in verse illustrated so damned beautifully by Christian Ward, go now and see the preview pages if you can as they are amazing. I'm very curious what other classic stories will creep their way into theis tragic turbulent return home story. When I was in college I discovered I really loved reading the ancient epics and I searched out the Oresteia and read it out of my own interest outside of the class. I was looking forward to this before RCCC but attending the panel Matt Fraction and Mr. Ward did with some Portland University teaches managed to make me want it all the more.

Descender 15 $2.99

This flashback issue is all about the child who was Tim-21s friend Andy who grew up to hunt the robots that were once his friends. Though I'm not curious about Andy too much I am curious about the other star of the issue the woman who becomes the Queen Between who apparently will have a big effect in the story. As always I will mention the amazing watercolor art of Dustin Nguyen as his use of the empty space on the page and his ability to define expression with so few hard lines never fails to impress me; that's not to say I don't love the book for the writing too as I am invested in some of the characters but the art is the bigger draw for me.


Josie and the Pussycats 1 $3.99

What is it with this surge of good books based around rock bands, I think I've gotten and really loved pretty much all of them: Black Canary and Jem and I'm looking forward to this one and Jem: the Misfits. Ok, don't know for sure that this will rock story wise but Marguerite Bennett writing the book and that assures I will pick it up given her great track record with Angela, DC Bombshells, InSexts and Animosity. If I had unlimited funds and space I'd likely have kept up with at least a few of the new Archie books as I did try them out and enjoyed both the new Archie and Jughead books. The preview art looked pretty good to me so we shall se and perhaps I will review it a bit come this weekend as I want to do more of that .

Mae 5 $3.99

Gene Ha's gotten to expand on his originally kickstarted graphic novel that riffed on portal fantasies and a pair of sisters Mae and Abby separated by ones years spent in a fantastic other realm where chocolate is a great currency and she once ruled a kingdom. I'm so happy that I originally backed the project and that he's gotten to expand on it as I felt the book was unfinished and had so much promise. He's fully delivered on that and more so introducing us to the world she spent years in and left in a bit of disarray allowing a malicious force to come to power. It's a place where magic and technology exist in equal measure and just look at the art in this issue on Dark Horses website


Surgeon X 1 $3.99

I was not really thinking about getting this book till last night when I stumbled across the fact the there will be a smart phone app that will go along with the book. Bleeding Cool (actually it was Newsarama sorry to the author) posted about this additional aspect of the book that will both include the real world research that has gone into developing this horrible and possible future and contain in story adticles too. Another aspect that makes it a must have is the fact that Karen Berger is the editor on the book, she was the editor behind the Vertigo imprint at DC from its inception and was so shabbily treated by them after their move to the west coast.



These choices don't even take into account Patsy Walker aka Hellcat, Ultimates (marvels best team book), or Ms Marvel and Postal, Saga and Eden' Fall so it's a dam huge week really no matter your comics pleasure .

I forgot a couple so here they are pretty quick...

Image plus 6

Images own previews magazine that often has great interviews and some preview pages...as an old Marvel Age reader this kind of extra filled magazine is pretty irresistible and this one more so as its the Motor Crush issue.



Wayward 16

Wow how could I forget this book; Jim Zub was one of the creators I had to go visit at RCCC and say how much I love is take on Japanese mythology and modern Japanese comics. As a manga fan as well as having a lot of interest in Japanese culture and history this books has been right up my alley. Steven Cummings has a real grasp of the Japanese manga trope of placing stylized characters in realistic looking backgrounds and given he lives in Japan I believe it makes a bit of sense. Wayward posited that mythological creatures live among us in hiding and are being supplanted by more modern myths like the ones in our media and comics. The book is a lot of fun and my only issue would be I'd love to see it more decompressed in manga style over the 22 page periodicals.

Snotgirl 3 $2.99

Bryan Lee O'Malley new book is a really great read that I can actually relate to in ways is totally didn't anticipate but for the the real joy of this book is the art by Leslie Hung...seems that this week is about my love of particular creators and thoug I try not to buy books specifically for the art sometimes like this it's a bit of that. I'll again say that if you are someone who likes the vibe of Broad City or even better Fleabag this book will likely be right up your alley too.


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