Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trade Waiting Sept 14 2016

I've got two suggestions for people who wait till stories get collected of when there is an original GN...

Mirror : The Mountain $11.99

Emma Rios has illustrated so many of my favorite books since I came back to comics after a couple year gap, she co edits Island and co created this science fantasy epic with artist Hwei Lim who's softer lines lends a lot of feeling to this richly imagined book. Mirror blends elements of science fiction and fantasy/folk tales involving mage scientists, genetically manipulated animal human hybrids and talking animals, spirit characters and tells a story that does what both genres do so well by mirroring modern issues and asks us to think. After finishing the issues I really want to read it again as I think multiple readings will reveal more and more about this truly lovely book.

The Fix Vol 1 Where Beagles Dare $9.99

This book is one that I passed on initially as I was getting too many at the time to fit it in but I will say that Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber did one of the funnest caper books a few years back called the Superior Foes of Spider-Man so I know this book is worth reading. The Fix is set in LA about a couple of cooked cops and the shit they get up to to pull off some heists and quite obviously their Beagle as, well, look at the cover... It's also a image volume one which means fully affordable to get, I could get two with my comics budget. As a side note the cook is colored by a one time LA resident who talked at RCCC about his choice for the palet for this book that is taken from an LA institution that makes an actual appearance in the book...take a guess which. The Fix is sure to be cool.


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