Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wanted Dispatch May 10 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hey everyone, last week was a great bunch of books and I have to share that diamond didn't ship any Catalyst Prime or Noble to my friendly local shop so I was out of luck on what I was most looking forward to. This week looks pretty small in terms of thins I am getting so yeah; I may just keep to my twenty dollar budget.


Shade the Changing Girl 8 $3.99

Loma Shade has left town and is apparently going to be in Gotham this issue which could only mean there will be some Bat family involvement somewhere along the way. Cecil Castellucci has Marley Zarcone back this issue and though I love Margueritte Savage's art I missed Marley's style last issue and am glad she will be back for this story. As someone who has both existential issues and some other body problems I've always liked Shade and this incarnation is really clicking with me. I'm also exited to see what the surprise back up story will be this time around.

Bug the Forager 1 (of 6) $3.99

I have been a Kirby fan for longer then I knew the name Jack Kirby and remember having a couple issues of Kamandi back when I started reading comics. Bug the Forager as a fourth world character is a draw for me as is the fact that this year would have been Kirby's 100th Birthday. The additional fact that the Allred family will be the creative team behind this just pushes it higher on my list and on the list of books I would recommend for this week. No clue what we will getting but it's sure to be weird in all,the right ways.

Misft City 1 $3.99

Cannon Cove is fictitious city on the Oregon Coast which was the location for a cult adventure film ala the Goonies. Kiwi Smiith and Kurt Lustgarten Are writing this teen adventure tale that involves the history of the town and a group of notorious pirates and one Black Mary in particular. The art is being handled by Naomi Franquiz with colors by Brittany Peer and letters by Jim Campbell. Boom has a good track record with worthwhile inclusive fun adventure tales like LumberJanes and Goldie Vance not to forget Steven Universe so I'm fully up for trying this out.


Titans 11 $3.99

So DC is drawing me back by letting creators of encouraging creators to pull from their history and create something vital and new. This story goes back to the origins of the New Teen Titans and the death of Slade Wilsons older son when he became Ravager. It's the one time you'll see me mention a crossover story and perhaps I'll be let down but the Christopher Priest is part of the writing team and his Deathstroke really has won me over. This will run through Titans, Deathstroke, Teen Titans and back to the bi weekly Deathstroke and involve the speed force. Used to love the Titans book hope this is as good as I've read it is.

Also this week I'm likely to grab Wonder Woman 22, Supergirl 9, Black Cloud 2, America 3 and Justice League of America 6


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