Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wanted Dispatch May 24 aka my Comics Pull List

Welcome to another look aw what's on my pull list at my friendly local comic shop and the few bibs and bobs I'll be adding to my pile. I do try to keep a twenty dollar budget as this hobby is more expensive then it ever was and I no longer work at a comics shop.

Victor LaValle's Destroyer 1 $3.99

Victor LaValle is the newest novelist to write for comics and given the fearlessness in taking on social issues and confronting ugly truths this is a book I'm truly exited for. Destroyer is a modern sequel to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein following the raising of the son of a descendent of the fictional weird scientist. A woman loses her son to the ugly racist hatefilled violence of today and delves into her dark family history to bring him back. I expect no simple answers or easy outs in this book. If your unfamiliar with Mr LaValle and pick this up your in for a mind expanding treat.

Seven to Eternity 6 $3.99

Calling Seven to Eternity a fantasy western or a western in a fantasy setting or a fantasy with western tropes really does not tell very much about. Rick Remender with Jerome Opena and Matt Hollingsworth are doing a deep character study. What we will give up, where we may compromise and what we won't give in to because of who we are. It's a wild weird fantasy world that is both bright and dark filled with adventure and horrors but it seems to me it's asking some very interesting existential questions while giveing us a travelogue across its landscape. It's gorgeous to look at to boot. It's a lot like Shutter I can't describe it simply.

Mother Panic 7 $3.99

The dark twisted mirror twin to Faith has finally grabbed me and Jody Houser did that wilt the all out weird that happened in issue. Shawn Crystal illustrated the issue and his angular cartoonish style really fit the book in ways that made it all the more creepy. Violet Page is an enigma that really fits the modern city of Gotham where Batman, his villains and his Bat-Family have become kind of commonplace fixtures. Across the six issues so far we have learned in cribs and drabs her origin and the way she is not like the other heroes in the city if in fact she's a hero at all. She's not a new Huntress, or like Anarchy or anyone else in the cape and cowl club, she's Mother Panic and it's exiteing to see what she's really up to.

MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur $3.99

Ok let me say this because it's one of the reasons this is on my list...MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur met Girl Moon. Yes, I would be getting the adventures of Lunella and her big read friend anyway but this is the king of crazy weird that I could not pass by if I saw it on the shelf cold. I'm sad Amy Reeder isn't co-writing with Brandon Montclaire on this but I know now she's working on Rocket Girl again so it's all good given Natasha Bustos and Tamara Bonvillain are doing the art. No clue where the smartest girl in the Marvel Universe will be doing this issue but I'm sure it's eventually going to involve Ego the living planet at some point. Cosmic adventures are Go.

Deadthstroke 19 $2.99

The first New Teen Titans I read way way back when was 'The Judas Contract' so I was at least half likely to get this. I have enjoyed Christopher Priest's complex and challenging take on Deathstroke and his troubled family and that made it even more likely. The team behind this story taking the conflict all the way back to the Ravager goes to the real roots of the Teen Titans mythos reguardless that the Rebirth universe is kind of different. The Teen Titans part of the story was compelling enough for me to want to go back and get the Titans issue I passed on a couple weeks back. Exited by where they are taking it actually.

Black Hammer 9 $3.99

Ok, well damn the end of the last issue turned up the drama on this take on superhero drama and I have to applaud Jeff Lemire for the depth to which he's talking this post event fallout story. All the "lost" heroes in this story clearly have their own lives and individual stakes. Reguardless of wherethis series goes I can only see someone's life becoming something they no longer want when all is said and done. This issue will finally give us some background on Talky-Walky who's been sadly passed over till now.

Samaritan Veritas 1 $3.99

Matt Hawkins i had not been really paying attention o and have missed out on real world thrillers like Think Tank and the Tithe but got some exposure to his work through my interest in Postal. Samaritan Veritas strikes me as a bit of a Guy Fox like modern revolutionary and she has a plan that is more likely to make an impact. The art looks pretty realistic to go along with the real world setting and it's likely to be worth a chance.


And a special bonus suggestion

Sun Bakery 3 $4.99

It's not higher in my list for one reason and that's because I got this when Cory was self publishing and it cemented the fact I would be picking up the new crazy gonzo anthology title. The black ink on color pages is so reminiscent of reading weekly newspaper manga that I so miss the look brought me in and the freewheeling storytelling, humor, crazy stories and overall style kept me wanting it. Having missed issues 1 and 2 I was happy Image was reprint this short comic anthology so I could actually read it all. Cory Lewis is doing something so fun here I have to suggest it and may be just ,a year I'll get a second copy.


Also this week Rapture 1, Wonder Woman 23, and Black Panther 14 out this week.


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