Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wanted Dispatch May 3 2017 aka Comics Pull List

Hello, welcome to my weekly look at what will be in my buying pile when I head to the comic store this week. This week is a lot of brand new books and perhaps I'll be able to keep to my twenty dollar budget. This week is also extra special as it's going to be free comic book day this Saturday May 6th when we get another Catalyst book from Lion Forge...I've been looking forward to this since Joseph Illidge started posting about it.

Catalyst: Noble 1 $3.99

Brandon Thomas who's subversive science fiction war story Horizon I'm quite enjoying is writing the first of the Catalyst titles to hit the shelves. It's a story of one of the five astronauts that saved the world from disaster and returned with no memory of himself and a set of superpowers that make him dangerous. Roger Robinson is drawing the book with colors by Juan Fernandez and letters by Saida Temafonte. I'm often willing to try a new superhero universe and Catalyst particularly caught my attention for the creative talent behind it and for head editor Joseph Illidge who's first job in comics was working at Milestone comics. I happened to love everyone that came from that publisher and have high hopes as Joseph has brought that spirit for comics with him.


Eternal Empire 1 $3.99

Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna's Ada and Alex was a great romantic drama that explored character and the nature of being in depth. I think we'll be getting a very personal take on heroic fantasy with their new collaboration. An immortal emperess, a young mortal women slave with prophetic vision and an exportation of tyranny and destiny. Jonathan Luna has apparently wanted to do a fantasy comic for a long time and he found that once he told his Ada + Alex partner about it she very much wanted to be a part of it. I was pretty sure I would be getting it but the interview on a few weeks back made that a definiately getting it. I missed out on their last book initially.

Black Bolt 1 $3.99

I knew from the outset I would be buying this once I saw the writer. Saladin Ahmed is one of my favorite novelists in addition to being one of my favorite people that I follow on the internet. Christian Ward being the artist is like having another layer of wonderful frosting added to an already frosted cake; his work on Ody-C and Ultimates is drop dead gorgeous and the preview for this look stunning. It does not hurt that I happen to like Black Bolt as he is a Kirby creation so for sure I'll be spending some money on it. I'm not fooling myself that this will be an ongoing reguardless of what Marvel says right now but as with Nighthawk I'll buy it as long as it runs with these guys working on it.


Youngblood 1 $3.99

Yes, Youngblood, I know I know but gotta give it a chance as the re-imagined Leified books delivered on the promise of the wild imagined stories he fell short of back in the day. The original Youngblood was sold to me by my imaginings of it as a mix of Legion of Superheroes, the Avengers and the Suicide Squad with the media thrown in as an added element. Like the other reworking they are not throwing out the past but respecting what it aspired to be. What I do know is that Jim Towe has done some very pretty redesigns and draws some nice pages.


Paper Girls 14 $2.99

So given the events of last months issue of PaperGirls the pterodactyls from the early run somehow make more sense now despite we still don't know what was happening with all that yet. The PaperGirls are stuck still in the distant past where artifacts of the future already appear to be prior to the arrival of out first time traveler on the scene. Sometimes I really do hate time travel stories as they make me sound crazy when I try to write about them. Reguardless PaperGirls is brilliantly illustrated story with characters I've very much come to care about.



This week we also have Deathstroke, Everafter and Empowered :Soldier of Love coming out which will all likely draw me in too.

Extremity 3 $3.99

So nearly forgot this look at violence and revenge from the mind of Daniel Warren Johnson. The first two issues were prett damn strong stories and clearly set up what is a complex set of polarized hate filled relationships. I kind of thought I would pass on issue two given how much I was spending last month but a brief flip through it fought my attention visually and I'm gald I added it to my pile thatweek as it was overall worth the added cost.



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