Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wanted Dispatch May 31 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

May has seemed to be a long month, it may just be me because I have been worki lots of extra hour. Welcome to my weekly look at the books that will be in my regular pull list and what I will likely add to the pile as I have no self control.


Southern Cross 12 $3.99

Becky Cloonan Andy Belanger and Lee Loughbridgenhave been killing it with this science fiction horror story. It ticks all the boxes that the original Alien set up in my mind from the emotional story connections to its major players down to the mystery underlying the story that I'm cool with never being fully answered. Becky has layered elements of family drama, crime fiction, existential issues into this fast moving thriller on the moon Titan. This issue is the final in the second story arc and I think we'll see some plotlines tied up while bigger ones opened, Southern Cross is a very pretty book anyway you cut it wether it be the colors, the att or the story I only wish some of the backmatter got further exploration.


Paklis 1 $5.99

I have a read thing for anthologies. If you have been reading my pull list thoughts for a while you know my love of books like Island and more recently Sun Bakery by Corey Lewis. Paklis has a lot in common with Corey's book, it's a book with a singular vision from writing to art and the have more in common with manga and 2000 AD the they do with American comics. Dustin Weaver is known for his work for one of the big two and on the side has been posting the odd comic in the web and some of those are making it to print in here along with so other crazy ideas that could only find a home in an Indy magazine. I'm exited for this and as Island is over it's good to have SF and fantasy weirdness to look forward to again.

Romulus 4 $3.99

Last week I listened to a very engaging interview with Bryan Edward Hill who is writing this revenge story over at the Sunday Comics Podcast. He's one of the comic creators who I always enjoy hearing as he's not afraid to be real about the industry and his approach to storytelling. I was afraid that we might not see another issue of Romulus as the story of Ashlar's quest for vengeance against the secret society that raised her had skipped a couple months. Add to that the fact that his partner in this conspiracy ladened tale Nelson Blake is working on the new Luke Cage book is was doubly worried but I need not have. Romulus was the one of the young female assassin book kicking around the comics world that I was really enjoying and I'm glad to see it back.

Monstress 12 $3.99

As I mentioned when issue 11 came out the vagaries of my life have kept me from reading very much and now I do in fact have this entire arc of Monstress to read as a whole. Marjorie Liu and Sana Takada's gorogeros fantasy story is something I like to take time with given the depth of art and thought that goes into it. I'm confident in saying it is a book fantasy lovers should read as they are unafriad to challenge readers to think while immersing themselves in this book.

Teen Titans Lazarus Contract Special $4:99

The trio of writers behind this four part story took a really believeabke approach to the idea behind the story they are telling. Sure the idea that Slade Wilson could steal the Flash's super speed and go back and save his son Grant is crazy but given the reality of the world he lives in it makes a good deal of sense. Christopher Priest, Benjamin Percy and Dan Abnett together are actually creating something that references Titans mythology and making somehting totally new from it in ways other writers could only hope to do. I'm sure the story will not go as Slade plans but something new will come out of this as Christopher Priest has plans for a new DC team of teen heroes lead by a certain Wilson.


Wonder Woman Annual 1 $4.99

I need to say little here I think. The array of writers and artists working on these stories look pretty great and the couple pages we have seen are stunning. I'm picking it up if there are any left come Friday when I get to buy my books.


For those of you who trade wait the collection of Young Animal's Doom Patrol is coming out as well as the beautiful recent Deadman miniseries.


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