Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wanted Dispatch May 17 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Here we go with another week of new books and my look at the ones I am planning on picking up and it's another week with a couple number 1s. I try to keep my pull list to somewhere around twenty dollars as otherwise I would end up specnding far too much on one of the storytelling genres I love.


Luke Cage 1 $3.99

I love me David F Walker's writing and Nelson Blake is such a solid artist I have to get this book. The icing on this cake is getting more David Walker Luke Cage and this time as a bit of a private eye. Mr. Walker's other big comic project recently was his two Shaft mini-series so he's no stranger to hard boiled storytelling. Pairing him with Nelson Blake is pretty brilliant casting as Blake is a good action oriented artwork and his Romulus book is something I really can't wait for more of. So this is win win win all around.

Girl Scouts Magic Socks 1 $3.99

Jim Mafood is a name I remember from back in the nineties and the gonzo book he did back then called Grrl Scouts. I dig the art style and it's cool to see the title back. It's also cool to see that his art style has continued to develope and go to new even crazier places. He has given interviews where he talked about his love for the book, the way his art has developed and how he is having such a great time revisiting these girls and they home town.

Batwoman 3 $3.99

This is one of the books I am really behind on and need to remide that situation. I have every expectation that Margueritte Bennett James Tynion IV and Steve Epting are doing something well worth picking up especially with a character like Kate Kane. She's not Batman and to quote the Detective run they did together she's better.


Cave Carson 8 $3.99

The last issue included one of the funnest and weirdest Superman guest appearances I've seen in a while and was totally worth the story. Cave Carson is one of the weirder of the Young Animal titles. He's lost the Cybernetic Eye at the end of last issue so he and his underground exploration crew will be hunting it down so that they won't have to change the name of the book. It's one of the few books that is totally unpredictable and it's great to have something like this to look forward to that is both familiar and so so out there.



Teen Titans 8 $2.99

I did not jump onboard on many of the Rebirth titles and Teen Titans was one that I sadly passed on and it captures the things that I recall from the old New Teen Titans run. There is a tension between the teens in the book, it's and odd group but I'm willing to go with it as the issue I grabbed a couple months back proved Benjamin Percy was a tuned in writer. Christopher Priest who's renewed my interest in Deathstroke added to the mix and the call of the Lazarus Contract title I have to pick up at least this if not go back and get last weeks Titans.

Horizon 11 $2.99

Juan Gedeon's uniquely styled and kinetic art alone is enough to get me to put this well crafted book on my list but Brandon Thomas is writing a full on compelling story of oppression and rebellion. I'm ok with humanity being the bad guys here because quite honestly look at us, as a race we're pretty contemptible. Brandon and Juan have created a group of freedom fighters that have lives and stakes beyond the attack on earth.


I'm also going to at least take a look at and likely pick up and look at Low18, Flash 22, Wildstorm 4, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank 4, and Rose 3...the Flash issue will likely end up in my buying stack simply because Jay has been my favorite flash shine the time I discovered the JSA and Earth 2 in an old JLA ore-Crisis crossover.


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