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Dead-wood dispatch pull list June 24 2015

Last week was a real mixed bag and give that I was so dissappointed by the book I put at the top of my pull list I'm a bit unsure of things all told. Ok I was trepidatious about it and I guess I should have been given my feelings for the characters but hey the last time that happened it was the Axis event where I had expectations based on the writer.... Anyway here's the jist I post a weekly column, this one, where positing a twenty dollar budget I put up a list of books I'm actually buying and will hopefully review come Sunday. I start the list with the book I would buy if I was limited to just one and end the list usually with a collection hat I just might get at some point for the people who buy mainly that way. Anyway here we go....


Jem and the Holograms #4

I feel good putting up fist a book that is not primarily action adventure this one hooked my with Sophie Campbell's art and design but the story by her and Kellt Thompson is quite good and given I have little memory of the series I watched occasionally its great they are reinventing it for a new audience. They have given each of the characters in this at least a hook for us to know a bit about them as they have concentrated on Kimber, who has quickly become my favorite, Jerrica and the wonderfully realized Pizzaz who makes such a good antagonist. Artistically this book is a lot of fun given that they are having a field day with style colour and layouts to give the impression of music and old style music videos. This is one I look forward to and don't mind when its a bit late. $3.99 I really have come to not want to miss this book.


Southern Cross #4

At the other end of the spectrum colour wise if this largely shadow ladened science fiction horror/mystery tale from Becky Cloonan. Her covers give just the right about of background dread feeling as there has been little of the haunting in the story as of yet but its been building in cribs and drabs and may just become center stage this issue. Given its heroine and the overtones of corporate malfeasance and corruption from beyond this book is very reminiscent of the original Alien movie or the early cyberpunk books of William Gibson as they were a bit tinged with Lovecraftian alienation. One of the better Science Fiction comics out there right now in my opinion and its a meer $2.99


Wayward #9

This book hits a couple of my wants in comics at once; I will soon be missing the urban fantasy Hexed as its next issue is the last at least for now and better yet Zub and Cummings seem to have a real grasp of the Japanese horror action comic thing going on. The only thing I will say is that the book is getting a bit crowded with the manga archetypes that they have used to build their main cast and with the addition of their new cast member its hard to think that I'll get to learn more about my favorites any time soon. The book is a lot of fun to read and the inclusion of Japanese mythology articles in the letters pages makes getting the individual issues pretty much a must. $3.50



Kaptara #3

Chip Zdarsky is getting a lot of attention these days, he's the artist on Sex Criminals and the writer on Howard the Duck, apparently on a new Jughead book and on this weird fantasy book. Inspiration for this book is pulled from the He-man series of toys filtered through the very twisted mirror of Chip's and illustrated by Kagan McCleod who does some really fun action scenes and makes the bizarre characters in this look pretty fun. Issue two of the featured Cat-Tanks yes giant cats mounted on tank treadsand he pulled it off. My guess is that this issue we get this settings version of the He-man wizard Orco. Um I'm digging this and I can only say that if your curious its $3.50 and its sure to be an experience and you just may dig it if you give it an honest chance like I did and I never loved the He-man thing back in the day...

Legend of Luther Strode #2

This title does the Fist of the a North Star fan in me good because its the same kind of romance tale laced with over the top violence, perhaps this is the book that may feed the Mad Max fix as the heroine of this bood is far more dangerous then its hero. Traad Moore is back for this to do the art and he has by far the most kinetic and motion suggesting art I've seen in a long time; with his clean crisp thin lines detail just ooses from the panels. Story art action character what more could I ask for all for $3.99... Can't wait to see if this creative team does something else together in the future...

Daredevil #16

So I don't pick up the new Daredevil all the time and whenever I do I have to ask myself why am I not buying this series because this run has never failed to entertain me and manages to involve me even in the middle of a run of issues. Matt is having Foggy ghost write his autobiography for the publisher mogul father of his current girlfriend. I'm really not sure as to what will come out on the other side of Secret Wars when it comes to the creative team for Matt Murdock but I know this will be a good read regardless. $3.99

That brings me right up to the edge of my budget but there is one more thing I have to signal boost for....

Wytches volume 1 should totally be on your want list. Thought I never really thought about it horror comics have pretty much been one of my things since I was a kid and this is a series I passed over but got a second chance to read the opening salvo with the 1.00 dollar version and I sad I missed out on it as its grabbing lay written and actually creepy. This is also one of those extra cheap image initial volumes so its a steal at $9.99 and I could actually get in in my normal pile if I elimate a coulple things....Scott Snyder is aparently knew of the sweetest guys in comics and his revenue stream is better from image then all his Batman work I hear...


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