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Dead-wood Dispatch pull list June 8 2015

Into the second week of June and this week is going to break my budget so badly I really don't know how I can actually keep to my rules for this column. Anyway here's the jist, I post up a list based on what I actually plan to spend money on this weeks comics starting with the one I would get if I could only buy one and going through a list of what I get based on a budget of twenty bucks. I'll also add a collection as a suggestion for people who pick up collected editions and OGNs instead of periodicals....(too much good looking stuff this week)


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

So Secret wars took away Captain Marvel from my hands and then gives back something kinda the same with two of the writers I'm loving at the moment. Kelly Sue Deconnick is still writing the story of Carol Danvers and that's a great thing but pairing her with Kelly Thompson who's doing a bang up job on Jem and the Holograms with her is the one I can't do without this week. This looks to be taking us back to the initial Captain Marvel storyline that had Carol trip back to the past and mingle with a all woman Air Force unit and I can not wait to see what this writing duo has in store. And since I'm reading the Secret Wars book with the revelations of issue three I have to wonder which Captain Marvel is in this book. The rest of the Captain Marvel creative team is right on this one so I know it will look as good as it reads. $3.99 and really a must...

1602 Angela Witch Hunter #1

This one is all about my faith in the creative team given I totally missed the Neail Gaimen 1602 series during my time in Canada and away from Marvel comcs. Kieron Gillen, Marguerite Bennett and Stephanie Hans made me love Angela who was a kind of nothing character from the initial issues of Spawn with the mythology and characters that they added (Sera has to be around in this book too) and this book promises a lot but they have proven that they deliver on promises. I kind of expect a bit more myth making in this book but that is what all the best superhero books are like, looking at the myth from multiple angles and having a good time while doing it. $3.99


Injection #2

Injection #1 was abut as far from the one and done as you can get from the team that made the glorious Moon Knight comic but Warren Ellis is such a known quantity as a storyteller I'm willing to be confused as long as its a good confused. Declan Shavley talked a lot about the differences between the two books with Kate Leth on her podcast Less Than Live alluding to that difference and like him I have hopes that people don't expect the two books to be the same kind of thing. Aparently they do share a lot of themes in common and the fact that Warren has revealed very little to Declan of the secrets in the book I think is pretty interesting and kind of genius. Confusing or not its a very very pretty book to read and that goes a long way sometimes but I was interested in the characters though we know them only a little so far. Its one of the few $2.99 books out there and its worth it to say the least in my opinion.


Gotham Academy #7

Becky Cloonan has done something particularly personal for me in this book, I can't say exactly why I love it so much but its brought me back to reading DC comics a bit more since my disillusionment with the new 52. Maps, Olive and the extended cast of this story have hooked me as have the hints of deeper themes she seems to be playing with in the overarching story of Olive's mother who was once in Archam asylum. I'm also a big fan of the old Mike Barr Son of the Demon story that was the origin of Damien Wayne and his inclusion here just adds a bit more hook to make me want to read it higher in my small group of books. The art too in this book has a kind of manga/animation bent to it that makes it look little like the DC current house style to me, also a great thing. Along with Batgirl this book is the one that opened the door to harder choices in my pull list at least this good read is just $2.99




Weirworld #1

In the recesses of my memory there was a time when Marvel printed some pretty fun fantasy inspired books including the recognizable barbarian Conanwhomwas a staple at the company for ages. This is not a book focused on him but aparently on a character I remember from a particularly good Uncanny Xmen annual Arkon which kind of established the idea that they interacted with fantasy storylines. The other hook that brings this into the group I'll plunk money on is the fact that Jason Aaron who does a positively bang up job on Thor is writing it and the art is by the painterly Michael Del Mundo. Its a $3.99 hit but I have high expectations given its creators.





Silk #5

Robbie Thompson, who was one of the series writers on the geek embracing and totally fun Supernatural, and Stacy Lee, who is quickly becoming a personal favorite for her style, have the Spider title that I would choose for this week even though I love Spider-Gwen. Though tied to the Parker story almost as much as Gwen's book I think this book is having to live all on its own because Thompson isn't playing on the whole What if kind of tropes that make Spider-Gwen so cool. Cindy Moon is compelling, she has different issues then the other spider women and a bit like Captain America she's a woman out of her time having lived kind of in prison for a decade. She is making it in her own and though Peter seems to be in this issue I know it will be centered on her. Stacy Lee has such a unique take of character design that it is something all its own. $3.99


And though there are a lot more I want like Descender, Mrs Deadpool and the Creatire Commandos, Ghost Racers (that I surely be buying breaking my budget), Spider-Gwen, Copperhead, Batman (yeah I'll likely regret that), Starfire, Catwoman and Constantine I will leave it at the above $21.94

And as for a collection.....


Its 24.95 and a HC collection but the reimagined Batgirl by Cameron Stewart and Babbs Tarr as I mentioned above has renewed my faith a bit in DC. Don't get me wrong I love Gail Simone's writing but the issues of her Batgirl I read were often weighted down with editorial crossover cut ins to the story she seemed to be telling to me and well I find that a little annoying given I was reading the series in collections. So you as why do I say this is worth your time and money. Its a solid well told story mostly removed from the down town Gotham usual suspects and though full on animation in style Babbs Tarr makes everything look so real including the so great reimagined purple costume. Its a fun fun read introducing all new rogues for Barbara Gordon and includes friends old like Black Canary and lots of cool new ones. Its pricy but hard covers hold together better and I think this is one you might read a few times.


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