Monday, June 15, 2015

Dead-wood Pull list June 17 2015

Here's the game every week I post mu pull list based on books I'm buying keeping to an average budget of twenty a week and I will be staring with the book I can't pass up or my if I could only get one book followed by the rest and lastly I'll usually include a collection or OGN I think will be of interest and that I'll likely get at some point.... Please comment and write me back especially if this is entertaining you...


Mad Max Furiosa #1

Ok yes here's me being a total fan boy since I'm not sure I really need to know the back story since I kind of love not knowing but I adored the movie and like it more with successive viewings. The book is aparently culled from the backstory George Miller and crew worked up so its not added on and possibly the other glorious characters on the cover will be featured too as I loved them all too. Ok enough gushing the first Mad Max Fury Road was actually pretty good and I felt I got my monies worth so I'm hooked for this one. I have very conflicted hopes and fears for this one so well see and its a big old $4.99 killing a quarter of my budget so I guess you can see how much I'm willing to invest.

Ms Marvel #16

So were winding down the 616 continuity with Kamala and the cast of this marvelous book and if your not as hooked on the Mad Max thing as me this is the one of the week if it was not around. Ms. Marvel if your new to this is one of the most consistantly entertaining coming of age superhero books out there now, really for me its the only one its full of heart, imagination and feeling. I'm going to worrying about the future of this fine book till I see the solicitations for Sept or Oct when I hope to see it coming back...$2.99 and worth so much more most of the time.

Runaways #1

I missed out on Runaways in its old incarnation till after the first few arcs were over and I was very happy when I got a chance to read them. This is a totally different animal I believe picking up only one of the old titles stars along with a version of Cloak and Dagger Skar the Hilks son Amadus Cho a teen age Bucky (?!) and I can't recall the last one. What has me on board is the writing talents of Noelle Stevenson who does the online free comic Nimona which had its first collection printed and got picked up for an animation project. (Congrats). I am yet to be dissappointed by a Secret tears title and I have faith in her skills and enthusiasm to buy in her. $3.99


Black Canary #1

DC's track record is spotty of late but I happen to dig the work that Fletcher shares on Batgirl and their handling of one of my favorite characters in the company in the aformwntioned title has been pretty credible so... I'm also reading Jem which focuses on a rock band so this has some competition to live up to but at $2.99 I'm willing to give it a go for an issue or two and I like the art and the colour palet they are useing....


Giant Days #four

A book I passed up on the first issue on for something else I no longer read or even recall what it was, damn me on that account. I picked up the second issue of this look at college girls lives inside and out of class and its been a hoot. The second issue showed them dealing with a flu infecting the house they live in and the third dealing with cyber harassment in a very entertaining manner. I like these girls and enjoy their story its a great book about people being people and that's something I don't read much of. Its also not overblown big eventy or nor over sexualized. The art is its own thing amusing, cute, and has a great colourist working on it I mean just look at that cover. Really can't wat for this one. $3.99


(So I can get this up tonight I'm posting the collection tomorrow after I have a chance to think that over.)


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