Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dead-wood dispatch Pull List July 1 2015

Pull list pull list pull list.... So here's the game I play weekly; I post up a representation of what I think is worthy of buying even though comics are so bloody expensive and try to keep my list to a manageable twent dollars but sometimes that does not happen. I post about what I actually plan to buy myself and follow that up with a collection I think is worth getting if that is more your thing if there is anything of note recently. I start it off with the book I have to get out of the bunch..

The Wicked + the Divine #12

Though I like this book lots I don't know if I ever have said it was at the top of my list. Ok this is fully influenced by the shocking finale of the last issue as even though I think myself jaded I never saw coming but now think I should have. I'm not spoiling it but I think there is a whole fecking lot we have not been told the truth about and I for one want some answers. I do know we most like will not be getting them any time soon but the creators behind this marvelously twisted book about godhood and celebrity have my full attention. Man do I miss Luci from the first volume. Its $3.50 and the second volume of the collection is out now too sho you have no excuses about not getting this.


Secret Wars #4

Not the edgy guy in my is embarassed by just how much enjoyment I'm getting out of this highly commercial book by Jonathan Hickman but I have to say Secret Wars is delivering on story in ways crossovers usually really don't. This is one of the few incidents other then Original Sin where the cental book really stands alone as you done need to read the rest to really grok the point of this one as its pretty clearly spelled out. Doom is omnipotent but not the omniscient god of this world and he needs the help of his many lieutents like the sheriff and Valeria to keep the Battleworld working as well as it can. Knowing the greater marvel mythos helps in enjoy thing is book as with most what ifs and I'm genuinely curios where they are going; the big question here is with most of my favorite creators leaving will I get much of the post SW books. $3.99 (oh and this week get get the free travel guide to the post SW Marvel and some of it just may be interesting....)


8House Arclight #1

This series of interconnected fantasy books is the brainchild of the man who took the character Prophet from the old Leifieldverse and made something distinctly French-comicy cool out of it spearheading the way for reimaginings like Glory to happen too. I really have no clue as to how the titles under the 8House brand are going to work but just looking at the art and the blurbs I'm fully invested in this at least enough to give it a go. I mean look at the art for the cover... Really this is a $2.99 fantasy book that seems to be wanting to take itself serious and that is something I really want.

Spire #1

Oh and look here another serious looking fantasy book from Boom who I have come to like a lot for they apparent desire to make more diverse types of books. Si Spurier is the creative mind behind this and he, I think its a he, has been writing the more inventive mutant books at a certain Marvel in the last few years. I'm likeing the advertising I've seen for this one and the preview pages are interesting and not at all what I was expecting and that is often the sign of good thing. $3.99

We Stand on Guard #1

So I was not too keen on the book when I read about it in the upcoming announcements but I didn't think about how much I really enjoy the storytelling of Brian K Vaughn and well now I'm wondering what was wrong with me. Steve Scroce was on the artists that used to clinche my interest in a book and though the premise still is something I'm on the fence about I'm totally there in wanting to give this book a look. I love me some giant robot stories and I know that its fully likely that the US may someday look with military might toward the north if well there was anything to be gained. Anyway its something to flip through and at $2.99 I'm a bit more willing to give it a go.

Midnighter #2

I did dig the first issues of both Midnighter and Omega Men and they come out this week and either will put me just above twenty dollars and I'm possibly going to get either or both. I'm choosing Midnighter right now and that may just be because of last weeks Supreme Court decision on gay marriage nd I kind of want to celebrate that. Midnighter was a book that was so not like Batman that well I really liked it... its odd to think of a Batman like character that enjoys what he does.... Anyway either are solid books and at $2.99 are worth the buy in...



Supreme Blue Rose by Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay is my suggestion for a trade this week.. I picked up the first issue of the series and its was really a georgeous book to look at and Warren is ever the interesting storyteller that this well be well worth gracing your shelves as it will mine this month sometime... Its a take on a Superman mythos story without the superman being the center of it...$14.99..


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