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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull List July 8 2015

For those of you just joining me I post up a weekly version of my pull list for coming comics that represents what I'm actually putting down money on. I they to keep myself to twenty or so dollars and I top off the list will a collection I think is worth weighing down your shelf with. I start off my list with the book I consider a much have as comics are so expensive these days....

Shutter #13

This is the book of the week Joe Keating and Leila Del Duca with Gwen Gieri and John Workman put together a book that is one that is hard to pigeon hole as its not just a portal fantasy take on Indiana Jones as it goes deeper then that. Shutter is populated dreams and nightmares of children's fiction and mystery abounds as to what is really going on behind the curtain. Its a joy to read something that has so much effort put into its production. Joe Keating is not a writer being talked about and I think its time he should be known by more comics readers....$3.50


Injection #3

Though may not the most user friendly book around at the moment it certainly is one of the best looking and engaging if you are as big a fan of weird fiction as am. Warren's set up includes some yet unrevealed singularity development that is the cause of an impending extinction event. In recommending this series I'd use writerly names like China Mieville, Jeff Vandermeer, Charley Stross and Catherynne M Valente but the name most comics readers would recognize is Morrison as Grant pulls from some of the same ideas; existential issues abound in weird fiction. Oh and then there is the marvelous art by Declan Shavley who seems a really nice guy from the interview I heard. Go and check this one as its really worth a bit of confusion...$2.99

Saga #30

So most of the time I don't mention Saga as it gets a lot of attention and as I pretty much always buy a copy I usually signal boost for books with less exposure, but.... For a book tha regularly kills the characters I love the most and still manages to be among my favorites I must mention it here. Last issue Brian and Fiona did it to me again "chomp aghhhhh no...." How do people not compare this book to a certain George RR Martin with its mounting pile of corpses and wounded and yet well I still really love this book. Fiona Staples art this week will also have me buying a series I've never thought ant in the past so that is obviously another of the draws here but Brian is so so good at endearing characters to me. I fear who may be next to go... $2.99



Catwoman #42

I don't write much about DC books as I have found up till recently they have not done much for me but in the last six months that has been changing with books like Batgirl, Gotham Academy, Midnighter, Black Canary, Omega Men and this crime noir take of Selina Kyle by Geniveve Valentine. This is a book less about her being the best thief in Gotham and more about her relationships in the criminal organization she inherited, and for me the inclusion of Kevin Wada as cover artist doesn't hurt. I terms of story and feel I'd compare this one to the crime series The Wire as Geniveve is building an ensamble cast around Selina; I'm wondering how Spoiler is going to fit into this story but its is for sure an interesting choice. $2.99

Descender #4

As I'm an issue behind on this series I even find that it is one that falls under the radar a bit and that is sad given I love science fiction books and it may have been overshadowed by a event last month or something. Jeff Lemire seems to have his name on a bevy of books these days and that is worrying sometimes as burnout happens even when doing something you love but well he seems to be doing great so far with this one among others. Descender is a book that to me is reminiscent of Tetsuwan Atom and as I'm missing some Japanese comics in my life something like this is welcome. Oh and the painted art by Dustin Nguyen is a pure joy to look at. $2.99

Gotham Academy #8

So though this book may be one of the new DC books people are talking up it could not hurt to mention it here as this week is affordable enough that I can include it in my budget. Becky Cloonan is a name that has joins the list of creators that I follow and trust to produce great comics; she's the writer and cover artist of the weird Scifi horror Southern Cross and is no slouch as an artist as she does the glorious covers for that and other books. This book is stylish approachable relateable and above all things a fun book to read and well that is one of the things I hope for when comics cost as much as they do now. Gotham Academy doesn't look like anything else out there given their choice of artist and though I have not seen it talked about much the cast is pretty damned diverse; the book also subversively covering some issues that done get talked about much and haven't Killer Crock looking out for its main character Olive raises some interesting questions as to the background of more then just her... There is a lot going on under the hood of this book. $'2.99


That brings me to just less then nineteen dollars and well there are a couple other books I'll likely pick up like Ghost Racers as I like the book and the writer Filipe Smith, Starfire as I have to give support to an mostly woman creative team at DC and well though I not and Archie fan I'm a sucker for Fiona Stapes so well that's money spent if my FLCS More Fun Comcis has extra copies on Thursday.... Anyway now what trade to get if that's your thing....


Shutter Vol 2 here's another instance that Joe Kearing and Liela Del Duca's book makes a double appearance on my list and well I guess you can call me a fan of this one. This volume reveals answers to the questions raised by the events of a volume one as we find out who was after Kate and the whys behind their pursuit. This story brings into question a lot of the things we thought we knew about Kate and her family and explores a great amount to weird and wonderfully strange history and territory. Also this book will bring you right up to the issue that comes out today so hint hint take a look at this one....$14.99 (sadly the letters pages are not included and this is one of the books where that I think like Saga and Wicked and Divine are a reason to get the individual issues but its still a glorious book.


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