Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Comics July 19 2015

I don't think I ever stated what this column was intended to be. I don't get to read my books till well after Wednesday so I'm lat to hype books for release day so I'm looking back and telling you about the books I loved from my pull, why I loved them and why you might want to take a second look at them.

Island #1

This high priced book might not be everyone's bag but given the creative talent drawn to Brandon Graham's book I had to give it one issue; two of my favorite creators in comics, Kelly Sue Seconnick and Emma Rios, contributed to this marvelous anthology. This oversized square bound volume is less expensive then collections of similar size and the gonzo offbeat and challenging attitude starts with the contexts which is funny and full of character to begin with. The stories in this anthology are longer then it's long running comic cousin some complete in this issue some with promised continuation in issues to come. It would be hard to pick the best of the issue is the but illustrated prose by Kelly Sue Deconnick stands out for its openness but everything in this stands out in some way so if anything I'd compare reading this to getting one of the better monthly anthologies from Japan as each is its own thing with its own character but all still seeming to gel with each other. Like Prophet before it Isalnd has a French comic European vibe to it with a bit of manga feel too its hard to pin down but it's well worth the money even though it's more expensive it's certainly value for comic money. Recommended highly ....


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corp #2

So knowing that this is the last of Kelly Sue's Carol Danvers stories im trying to savor these last couple issues and the reimagining of her first story arc where Helen became such a big part of Carol's story. I may be reading stories into this but I think that Kelly and Kelly Sue have backgrounds and stories for all the characters in this story Lopez' facial expressions imply interior lives for the women who populate this story even if we have seen little of them. Lead by Captain Marvel the pilots of this unit plan to explore the skies as the world around them has started to make less and less logial sense starting with the apparent lies about an Ultron ship that they destroyed that has a man onboard... a man who is someone longtime marvel fans will know and readers of the last Captain Marvel series will know about his relationship to Carol. I don't know if this book would resonate with new readers but it is something interesting for fans to read as a sort of what if. Reccomended for Kelly Sue fans and Captain Marvel readers ....


Black Canary #2

Fletcher, Wu and Loughbridge took a book that could have been a spin off of Batgirl with the same sort of feel and broke out of that mold completely. Black Canary 1 set the tone for this book that is well outside the norm for a superhero book much like Hawkeye was under the pen of Matt Fraction. Issue 2 we get to know the girls in the band a bit better and particularly well dome was the so called pull out poster of the band tour poster and interviews that so beautifully grace the middle of the issue. Between training montagey elements with Diane (DD) drilling both gunplay and martial arts into her new mates. There are certainly hints as to there being some mysterious things in the background in this story. It's sure to appeal to anyone who wants more real life stakes to their spandex narratives and the colours in this book are so so damn good Lee Loughbridge's name is sure to spend money for me in the future. Recommended pretty much without reservation. What a lovely book.

Giant Days #5

Rounding out the books from this weeks lot that I have read and think are well worth the time to plug is this college life drama tale about three women and the trials of their first year. The are severL moments in this issue that brought out honest emotion in the form of smiles a laugh and an actual gasp. Over the course of the three issues I read having missed issue one the girls have dealt with sickness, Internet shaming and the trials of uncomfortable and I satisfying social situations; they are are fully realized and rounded characters and the art is fully charming in an bit of an alternative comic animated look that I find very appealing. The book feels genuine, heartfelt and charming with a continuing story that well has been extended to twelve issues from. Its initial six. I think this would appeal to people who enjoy books like Strangers in Paradise, Love and Rockets, maybe a bit of Lumberjanes and the like. Full on charming and reccomended for a bit of a change of pace...


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