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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull List July 15 2015

What a cool weekend for people who went to SDCC and some pretty great new coming from many companies including the return of the Milestone universe to DC, a new Blade series from Marvel as well as news that Squirrel Girl will pick up again after Secret Wars.... So here we are and I'm posting up my pull list for the week... I try to keep to a budget of twenty bucks and this week will so break that most like... I start my list with my must buy and follow it up with some collection suggestions.... And due to watching Gatchaman Crowds this weekend "Bird ... Go"


Island #1

Image and the creator Brandon Graham and a changing crew of artists and writers feature in this monthly anthology book. This magazine will be printed oversized with three 20 to 30 page stories with at the moment no adds. Ok that's a pretty interesting concept in that most anthologies don't feature full stories very often but this one will have a story by nine other then the amazing Kelly Sue Deconnick so I'm there for this for sure. The preview pages are pretty amazing from what I have seen and well DHP is something I have been a fan of in the past and well if this sounds your kind of thing too get this this issue features Emma Rios too. Ok here's the thins its $7.99 it's on my list but it's a big commitment. (Near half budget killed....)


Black Canary #2

So one of my music centric titles is missing this week but this one will kind of make up for my having to wait for Jem for a couple weeks. Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu full on won me over with issue one that pulled a big bait and switch with my expectations and I love that. The colours in this book are prett gerorgeous so credit has to go to Lee Loughridge too as the pastels worked so nice on Annie's pencils and the heavy inks. Diane's interactions with her band mates are very entertaining and I'm looking forward to how this developes in coming issues as well as how her friendship with Batgirl developes in the months to come. This is one of the better books DC is doing and well I just wish there was some music to go with it....$2.99



Giant Days #5

This is a wonderful gem of a book about a group of college students and the crises that plague everyday life rather then the my usual comics fare of cosmic disasters and existential drama. John Allison and Lissa Treiman's series that was scheduled to be six issues and has become twelve due to its enthusiastic reception is on that between the appealing animationey style and the insightfull and brilliantly human prose is a very enjoyable read. It's sure to appeal to people looking for more a numerous slice of life drama older readers of Lumberjanes and Squirrel Girl should take a look at this if it slipped by the first couple issues....$3.99 (the cover art is actually indicative of the interior as Lissa does the work on both)





Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #2

As an fan of Kelly Sue I now know I need to savor these last Carol Danvers stories from her but given she's writing with another favorite of mine Kelly Thompson I know we are in for a good old ride till the end here. The first issue did a good job of setting up the struggles for this one and across the Secret Wars Battleworld the stakes pretty much are very high where it comes to breaking the rules and that is where the girls appear to be going. This is a book about characters taking charge of their lives and looking for things to be better. The cast they created for this look back to the first story Kelly Sue told through a differing lens is diverse and interesting so I'm hoping to get to know the,ma bit before the end of the event. Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps is a book that is kinda for the long time fans of Kelly Sue's run but anyone up for an adventure with a bit different a cast then usual will be pretty happy with this. $3.99

Adventure Time Fiona and Cake Card Wars #1

In the FCBD book from Boom we got a bit of a peek at this limited series that follows the "fan fiction" alternative to Finn and Jake and it seems this will be a Card Wars tournament in that Ice King created setting. I'm a recent fan of the Adventure Time show and I have to say Fiona and Cake are pretty much my favorites unless it Marceline the Vampire Queen then all bets are off. I have been enjoying the odd innocence in the Adventure Time series and the references they put in there for older fans are pretty choice. Card Game fanatics will probably rankle at the treatment given their hobby but it's obvious that there is love behind all the ribbing these creators focus at our fannish foibles. These books are totally math to quote Finn. A bit of childlike attitude to life is a good thing and I appreciate the wonder books like this remind me are all around and the wild imagination we all used to have. $3.99 is a small price to pay for this reminder.

That brings my list this week to just over twent one dollars there are more books that a call me but ill try to keep it to these.


Given I went with Shutter vol 2 last week I had to pass over this glorious book from the mind of Warren Ellis and drawn by Tula Lotay and that I have been waiting patiently for since I decided to wait for the series to be collected. Supreme is the version of Superman created by Rob Leifield back in the nineties when he was a thing and was still doing books himself regularlike. Alan Moore came along to the book and made it something worth reading just for its wild serious and satirical look, at superheroes. This take on it grows out of the history established by both of them and everyone else that gave it a go. Warren looked to be playing at writing something a bit complex and deep so here I am hoping and knowing I'm getting this for more then just Tula's lovely and experimental art and layouts. $14.99.

Given this is my birthday month I'm likely to splurge and get the trade as well as regular books this week...


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