Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Comics July 26 2015

So welcome to my comics review column of the week celebrating the old tradition of the newspaper Sunday Comics page. My usual policy when it comes to review is that I only write about books I have enjoyed and if I have something negative to say it has to be something glaringly bad. That said on with the show...

that I have been so squeefully looking forward too for months quite literally...

Power Up #1

I will preface this by the fact that I like Japanese manga, animation a lot and am a fan of Kate Leth who is one of the creators behind this magical girl influenced book from Boom. This is the book I have been practically squeezing about for oh about the last week or two after its early releases around SDCC. So was it worth all my anticipation, well I think. It was. I certainly enjoyed the introduction to the unlikely cast of chosen heroes, the art was bright and characterful with just enough plot and character moments to make me want the next issue. Amie is very relatable in an oddly Big Lewbowski Dudeish kind of way given how the story opens and though we see little of the other characters what we get leaves me wanting more. I think this book will appeal to superhero fans with an open mind, readers of books like Lumberjanes. Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck as this book although serious has a tongue in cheek kind of approach to things. I had high expectations and though it's not what I though I loved what it is. Recommended but it may not be for everyone. (Still, ...squee)

Wait what's this ... Well I just had to post the cover I most wanted... The one that Babs Tarr did... Guess I may have to wait till Rose City Comic Con and hope....

Weirdworld #2

This issue Aaron and Del Mundo delivered on the promises made in the solicitation about the crystal warrior inprisioned next to Arkonbut not in the way I thought and the pay offs of that are actually pretty funny in an odd way in this issue. They maintain the humorous tone for this jail break issue was well as the parts of the book that deal with the captured dragon, the trolls and Morgan le Faye who is the Baroness of Weirdworld. The painted art isn't this issue full on make up for the fact the series is running late and I think that even if readers are unfamiliar with the old Crystar book from the eighties the heavy use of that mythology won't suffer as the jailbreak and caper attempt that is the focus of this book and its aforementioned glorious art make it worth the price of admission. It's nice to have another fun yet serious fantasy title to read alongside Rat Queens and I'd reccomended this to readers of that great book as well as Skullkickers and perhaps Conan but again be prepared for levity... Kind of kitch as I said but still reccomended.

Cyborg #1

Though I was a big fan of the New Teen Titans back in the Wolfman and Perez era and Vic, Cyborg, was among my favorite characters at the time. In the new 52 I think he's kind of been a c or d list character even as a founding JLA membe and I'm happy to see him getting a series. David F Walker is kind of the reason I tried this out as he's said he intends to delve into more real world issues that Victor as well as build up stories that are really just his finally. Ivan Reis, man I'm sorry but I forgot just how great an artist you've become; this book captures the feeling of the old Perez Teen Titans but without getting lost in nostalgia of just aping the style. They do spend some time with set up and a bit of originy pages but I get the feeling that they both have some things to say in this book; more then just here's another superhero let's watch him fight. The book also introduces the idea that Victor Stone is developing into something different then intended as well as coming into himself. It's all in all a solid debut and has some heart and pithy statements to make. Is say it's pretty cool and if you have ever liked the character it's something to grab and give a honest go.


The last of the books I have to get to for this week is Wolf by Ales Kot but I have yet to read it... Check back in a day or two as I'm drawing again and I don't know if I'll get to it today.... Go check out any of these if you skipped em.....


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