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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics pull list July 22 2015

Welcome to my weekly commentary on the comic I'll be plunking down my hard earned cash on to support the books I believe in. Here are the rules I try to live by when it comes to my hobby and which I usually fail to restrain myself from breaking; I try to keep myself to a weekly average of twenty dollars for my comics some weeks this is harder then others but this isn't one of those. I start my list with the one book I absolutely have to get and finish up with a collection or original graphic novel as I know some collectors prefer that and sometimes I do buy those too... And here we go...


Power Up #1

It's hard for me not to just squee about this as I've been highly jazzed about this book since listening to Kate Leth's interview with Paulina Ganucheau about Zodiac Starforce on Less the Live (link here) where she talked about her own Japanese magical girl genre inspired comic. What started as a comic within a comic in CrystalCadets this group of uncommon recipients gain magical girl hero themed abilities and "costumes". The story sounds like it will be one of self discovery in the light of being a "chosen one" and hearing Kate's love of the Genre dripping from her gleeful discussion it seems a labor of love for Kate and Matt Cummings who is doing the art. As a life long fan of Japanese animation manga and live action hero shows the premise for this is just too appealing to not give it a go and I simply must signal boost for it. Uncommon heroes challenging stereotypes breaking molds and expectations as well as alien threats. $3.99

So yeah squee must have (and I'll be doing this again next month for Zodiac Starforce....)


Weirdworld #2

Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo are doing this very cool things with a barbarian king who is not Conan; its full on painted artwork is deeply detailed and the story is actually pretty damned funny underneath all the violence. Marvel comics over time has included and attempted to do sword and sorcery style fantasy on and off and with this I think they are trying out the idea to see if it sticks. I very much enjoyed the serious yet still cheeky presentation of the first issue and the hints that here is another favorite marvel fantasy character coming back in this issue... someone made of crystal. The art on the cover is an actual representation of the interior and I so much want this to be more then just a four issue romp that I have to try to get the word out that it's good, even if your not reading Secret Wars I think it's good fantasy because it's playing with reconizeable archetypes and taking itself just serious enough. More for the old Elric or Grey Mouser crowd then the GoT kind of fantasy readers but definite reccomended here. $3.99


Wolf #1

So with Hexed coming to an end this month the harder edged side of my love of urban fantasy will have an open spot and this book by the every inventive Ales Kot looks to really got that bill. Set in Southern California with a mystically until label protagonist apparently this is a book that has all the promise of being very noir in tone and given Ales' often drifting into weird fiction inspired stories I think this will be right up my alley crime fiction so to speak. I know little more then that about the book other then image plans to make it a larger then usual add free experience and given how excellent Island was this week not having to see add copy, even good add copy, I'm looking forward quite egerly to seeing this. $3.50


And that is the core of my list this week making it a cheap week at $11.48... But there are some other books that may tempt me...



Cyborg #1

David Walker who brought Shaft to comics this year and Ivan Reis who's a pretty amazing artist that doesn't get near enough press are doing a book about one of my teenage heroes, Victor Stone Cyborg. I was often more of a New Teen Titans fan back in the eighties, though I loved the Xmen Marv Wolfman and Geroge Perez were the men. David F Walker in interviews has talked about how he wants to update Victor in many ways but the aspect that got me to pretty much decide I have to support this is the fact he intends to deal with real issues of life as a black man in modern society. The first three issues are solicited so far and looks like we'll be getting some new characters to interact with as a person as well as a hero, introduce some villains unique to him and feature the Metal Men another group of favorites from my youth. I have hopes for the book and I really want to be challenged by the stories David tells. $2.99


And now for a trade inspired by Island #1


Multiple Warheads Complete Collection

Part of last weeks Island was a continuation of Brandon Graham's Multiple Warheads story that he's written a four issue limited series and a special or two since 2004 and I really enjoyed this totally art immersive with a totally weird story about a ex-organ smuggler and her were-wolf boyfriend in an alternate universe future weird science fiction fantasy Russia. It's one of those stories where so so much of the story is told in the art and where the art is so oddly a mix of spacious and intricate. Makes me think an adult Adventure Time that predates Adventure Time... It's $14.99 and was printed just last year.... Check out Island too is this is a small week for you as it's pretty choice.





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