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Dead-wood Dispatch July 29 2015

It's time again as another Wednesday approaches to post about my upcoming pull list. Around twenty dollars is my average weekly comics budget, sure I do break it at times but I am trying to do better lately so my list is an actual representation of what I'm spending money on and what I think is worthy of keeping in my pile.... I start the list with the book I can not pass over and I mostly close the list with a collection of pick up if that was my main form of collecting. This is an odd week as this month has five shipping weeks...

Jem and the Holograms #5

I've been petty open about my enjoyment of Kellt Thompson and Sophie Campbell's re-visioning of the old rock and roll hero show from the eighties. This is a book that seems more down to earth then many of the flashier titles I read; like Giant Days the stakes in this story are very personal and real world relateable as are their worries and fears. This books range and variety of characters push the envelope for the comics market these days and it's honestly great to see that. Issue four ended with a more comic norm given it was a cliffhanger and we know there will be a backlash in this issue. Really what I'm coming back for are the growing relationships, one in particular as a couple of the characters have quickly become a one my favorites. This is a book I would miss sorely if it didn't continue as romance is something a bit sidelined in many comics these days and honestly I didn't realize it's what kept me involved in them. $3.99

Wayward #10

The second arc of Jim Zub and Steve Cummmings' Wayward has spent several issues exploring the nature of the secondary characters around Raine and introducing both a new heroine -, whom I quite like, and bringing in the spiders who seem to have their own agenda in this growingly complex story. I expect some significant reveals in this issue as it finishes this current arc and apparently reveals some bits about the future. As I have rediscovered how much I love all things Japanese as I did as a kid and a young adult and Hexed is coming to an end it's likely this will be my new go to urban Fantasy series. Wayward's back up feature about the mythological stories and folklore of Japan make the individual issues almost a must as these extras are not in the initial collection. This may not be the right issue to start with as its the climax of the tale and confusion would be unavoidable but I've joined stories in process and really enjoyed them. Steven Cummings effectively captures the feel of stage setting in his art and his characters are evocative of the stereotypical heroic types they represent. $3.50


1602 Angela #2

Issue one effectively set the tone for this Shakespeareian superhero tale that seems to involve corruption of many forms and the hunters that attempt to purge it in the form of Angela and her partner Serah. Kieran Gillen's final Angela story for Marvel was one of the better all around Secret Wars tie ins in the first round as it manages to be its own thing as well as touch on the story innAngela's own book a bit. This issue brings in Angela's first friends at Marvel and he old Guardians look appropriately styled for the times at least on the cover; with the tone of the book drifting between serious and sarcastic I think this should be a very entertaining ride of a story as they begin to pursue the Enchantress who appears to be in heavy in this one. Though not credited on the cover Marguerite Bennett is cowriting this and if anything their collaboration on this is better then the original series. Methinks that with the change of the status quo upcoming perhaps this may hint as to the changes or not but I'm real interested in seeing where this alternate story and setting is taking us. $3.99


Casanova #3

When I read the description oft his series by Matt Fraction and the. Brothers Moon I was hooked at the point it mentioned the influence of Michael Moorcocks Jerry Cornealius and multidimensional spy stories. The art by Fabio Moon is crazy and idiosyncratic and may not be everyone's thing but weird fiction is that way no matter if it's in prose or sequential format. This fourth story in the Casanova tale started with amnesic super spy wandering into supposedly our Los Angeles and becoming the security expert for yet another enigmatic man of mystery. There are layers within layers of multi- dimensional spying and intrigue going on in this story, assassins masked agents and occult events seem to abound in this one. The art cry Fabio Moon is to me somehow reminiscent of Kevin Oniell but with a softer edge. I've not read all the past stories and it does not seem problematic but i suspect I'd have more a clue if I went back and did so. $3.99



Batgirl #42

Cameron, Stewart and Babbs Tarr have made this title their own so it's numbering I sometimes get really wrong as I thought this was issue #43. That aside this issue introduces Live Wire in a full story to the New 52 and as she is more a superman level villain I'm curious as to where this story will take things. Last issue brought the new Batman to Burnside and restablished the persuit between Jim Gordon now Batman and Batgirl begun in Gail Simone's run on the book. Though there is no longer a Birds of Prey in DC between this title and the supporting cast around Barbara and Black Canary and her band to me it kind of seems we have two great female lead teams in the New DC, and that is not counting Gotham Academy... $2.99


So that brings me to $17.46 for the week I may opt to get the $4.99 Batgirl Annual with its multiple stories, writing and art teams and the prospect of Dick Grayson appearing but I am waiting to peruse it.


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