Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday Comics June 14 2015


1602 Angela#1

So overall this was a great week of books and thinking about the creative team behind this one I'm not surprised its one of the best of the week. This new take on Angela and Serah was really entertaining and had a lot of humorous moments due mostly to the personality and dialogue they gave to Serah and the well placed cameos credited and not. The art was a great mix too of traditional and painted took with a version of the Enchantress that I hope survives the Secret Wars story. Though What Iffy its a great slightly scued look at a mythology that we are just starting to know and one I'm really enjoying the creation of. Top marks for this alternate urban fantasy history with marvel flavor.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

This one tops my list this week too at no surprise to me given the writing team of Deconnick and Thompson. Tripping back to the early part of Kelly Sue's story and retuning to the all woman jet squadronis both welcome and kind of heart wrenching given the events in the last issue of Captain Marvels last Marvel 616 issue (its odd even typing that). This book has a kind of flavor all to itself given its extended focus on more of a ensamble but hinting back maybe Carols old book was a bit of that too. Anyway they kept the very real world looking artwork from Lopez going strong in this and the trying to make sense of the seemingly senseless world makes this kind of a central book for the Secret Wars setting as they mentioned facts of the Battleworld I'd not read elsewhere. Love this heroine centered book and it will remain on my regular list as I must actually start keeping to my actual budget. Again top marks all around.


Weird world #1

So who remembers Arkon, well if you don't the simple description would go something like; he's a familiar looking barbarian like warlord who wields a sword and lighting bolt weapon and has appeared in Marvel on and off over the years and to me memorably in a certain X-men annual. This truly beautifully painted weird fantasy book is so the right place to encounter him again and if this is anything of a hint as to where marvel may be going with storytelling after Secret Wars its looking good. Sure its a bit of a Conan riff but its a damn good one heavy on interior monologue and not just little bit tongue in cheek at times. Perhaps marvel editorial is chucking stuff at a wall to see what sticks but a book this all round pretty hopefully will be one of them. So close to full marks as make no never mind and it was up against some great books this week.

Injection #2

Though still playing a bit of the inscrutable story game this issue dives deeper into the nature of the characters Warren is playing with here and introduces us to the Holmesish hero and the superspy of the group with some very well wrought or drawn action scenes by Declan Shavley. If you come to this expecting to have things explained well you'll be sadly dissappointed but as with Mad Max Fury Road you'll be rewarded by paying attention and multiple read throughs won't hurt. I think it will be a bit before the story fog clears up her but I have to say I'm enjoying revisiting this creative team and its nice to think that they get more out of my purchasing this then when they did the fantastic Moon Knight. Not for everyone but this weird fiction stuff I'd certainly for me.

Gotham Academy #7

So after the Coversion hiatus at least Maps and most of the gang is back for this issue that skipped the Kitty Pryde reference in welcoming Damien Wayne to the school. The issue riffs on the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe and has a lot of fun at the expense of Damien's pride and introduces what may just be the DC couple I'm hoping to see happen with Maps and he. As with before this title still neither looks not feels like the modern DC book and that is such a good thing as most of they new selection still puts me off even when I want to like it. Gotham Academy maintains that blend of shojo/shonen high school adventure, Buffy TVS, and Harry Potter that recalls what being a teen was like a bit. Cloonan and Fletcher are a great writing team and the art by Mingjue Helen Chen is a joy to look at given my love for animation art... I'd say if you like the look of it get it .... Its is pretty damn sweet all told....


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