Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Comics Pull List May 25 2016

Welcome to the end of another shipping month as this is the last #NCBD in May and as has become the the trend for me the week with most books that I'm interested in getting so trimming that list down to the twenty dollars to spotlight is pretty hard. I'll try to hit the books that I think may be lower on people's radar as they are usually the ones I'm more interested in.

Nighthawk 1 $3.99

So many reasons that this tops my list for the week; David F Walker is one of my favorite writers, one who definitely has something to say with this stories, Ramon Villalobos is one of the artists that combines the best of several art styles I enjoy while Tamara Bonvillain is a treasure as a colorist so creatively it's a go. Nighthawk is a new take in this character putting him in Chicago where the creative team gets to really build and define his world; a world taken from our headlines with all its ugly racism and contradictions and mires him right in the middle of all that potential explosive violence. This is not the Nighthawk of Mark Grunwald's Squadron Supreme it's a different one but the title seems to want to tackle social issues head on that that reminds me of that book from so long ago. I think it's going to be a pretty book written about ugly things and in the hands of someone unwilling to pull any punches.

Image + 2 $1.99

Yes this is pretty much an all in house ad for Image but like Marvel Age back in the eighties for the price it delivers value at least in my opinion. Issue one had an interview with Marjorie M Liu and some beautiful preview pages for Snot Girl with I already knew I'd be getting but those sealed the deal. In some ways this magazine is like the back matter pages from some of the image comics and the feeling I get from those, like being part of a community is kind of here in this too. This issue draws for me are the articles previewing the Prince of Cats reprint that I will definitely be ordering and the Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie spotlight. There is also a Walking Dead feature that I'm sure will be a draw but as I got inn so so late with that I think it may be my only real entry to that lovely book. What else can you get for $1.99 comics wise that is of this value?


Another Castle 3 $3.99

I'm the kind of reader who loves a twist on genre conventions, boos that take your expectations even if you know they are breaking the rules and still manage to make you go hmmmm that is unexpected. Andrew Wheeler and Paulina Ganucheau have one of those on the go here with this approach to the kidnapped/married off fantasy princess story. Another Princess's heroine is someone fully capable of saving herself as she proved in the initial issue and that is sure to be complicated by the heroes trying to save her on the way. For me the title is a sheer joy because of the human qualities of the minions of the evil King and the fact that Paulina Ganucheau is on of the creators on this because I'm so missing Zodiac Starforce...

Monstress 6 $3.99

Though this is coming late in my pull list this week it's probably the title I'm look forward the most but it's the end of the first story arc and that may make it a bit of a tough first issue. The complex fantasy world created by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takada so recently torn up by war and destruction faces the threat of yet another conflict on the horizon. The good thing if the art and promise of a deeply thought out complex fantasy story appeals to you image has gone to multiple printings of the first and second issues so stores hopefully have them on hand. Sure this will be collected soon but with the sheer detail of Sana's pages being able to lay them out flat without worrying about the binding is so nice... if you have not looked beyond the covers the insides are no less detailed. One of the best books out there right now.

Mockingbird 3 $3.99

Chealsey Cain got the opportunity to write this series based in the strength of her one shot issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of SHIELD and she's actually dealing with the wacko crazy history that Bobbi has had over the course of her super-hero/super-spy career. It's a book getting overshadowed by a particular spider themed soviet spy being written by a couple of well known guys to comics fans. Mockingbird is kind of the weird fiction X-files-y Sex Criminals-y spy book that needs more eyes on it and people talking about it. Diamond took forever to get copies out to my FLCS which they shorted but it was honesty good enough to be worth the wait. Diamond is apparently overs hopping this book so give it a go if you have a taste for a bit of the weird.


And I'm safely in budget so far... But this week is also an Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Parsy Walker AKA Hellcat and Divinity II week so I'm sure to be breaking that budget to support them too...


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