Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pre-Orders, the continuing saga of promoting....

As some books are hard for shop owners to prepare orders for and with the growing stable of books out there pre-orders are pretty paramount nowadays for the life or long survival of lesser then a list books. Your local shop or if you have none your mail order of choice pretty much lives and dies, well at least the books do, on the demand that shop owners see for new and continuing books soo....

Black Hammer 1 (May160013)

This new book by Jeff Lemire who seems to be doing so many damn titles now is one that may just fall a bit under most fans radar unless they are like me and are obsessive about checking comics news sites and blogs. Jeff and Dean Ormston are creating their own superhero setting from scratch and with there off beat will be a conservative description of the likely characters and story. Black Hammer is a book that takes the superheroes of another age that for one reason or another became outcast from their reality and are existing somewhere else in a farming town making due when trouble seemingly finds them again. If they are not actually the figures we know and love they are versions of things we love and have for editorial reasons lost and want back. It's sure to be worth exploring this further look at the victims of comic events $3.99 coming July 20.

Angel CatBird (May160020)

Margaret Atwood does very little writing for comics; this may be the second time as I now she did a little piece for the Secret Love of Geek Girls (I'll be spotlighting that book in a couple weeks). This original graphic novel combines her talent with Vancouver BC artist Johnnie Christmas (Sheltered) and colorist extraordinaire Tamara Bonvillain promises to be a pulp action story about a scientists creation in an adventure that may just be full of cat puns. With the talent it would be a surprise if this slips below the radar but reminders that cool projects like this are coming up are a good thing. If I recall right proceeds from this go to cat and bird related clarities. It's been months since the comics news sites mentioned it so here is a reminder.

Mae 3 (sorr can't find the previews number but it's MAY16....)

Gene Ha Kickstarted this book as an original graphic novel that introduced a new urban fantasy story and it's heroes a year or so back and it gained the attention of Dark Horse Comics and got a nod to be a series. The first issue of the series came out this week (May 18) to positive reviews and added some pages and background to the first half of the graphic novel making it a must to have even if you have the KS version. It's a urban fantasy about a pair of sisters one who left her younger sibling to become the hero of a portal fantasy world that returns home inadvertently bringing the fantastic back with her. It's a pure joy of a book both in story and in art and well worth a look if Buffy, Alice, Dorothy or the Winchesters are your kind of thing. Take a look at the first issue and ask for this one ... order numbers tend to fall after the first issue and it's nice to reverse that trend by preordering books in progress.


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