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Comics Pull List post May 4 2016

I think it's going to be a bit of a rough month... got a hint of the shape of things to come with Angela Queen of Hel last week as one of my favorite current titles gives its farewell and I get a bit misty. This Month most of the DC books I get will be doing the same as Rebirth is on the horizon and well at least one book is not returning in any format. Anyway enough maudlin this is my weekly column where I tell you what my budget of twenty dollars will be spent on. I try to support or spotlight books that I think may be on the road to extinction hoping to signal boost for them. Anywho your here to see what I'm exited for this week.

Rat Queens 16 $3.99

Though not the last issue of this series it is sadly Tess Fowler's last issue as regular artist which also signals a bit of a hiatus as Kurt gets another colaborator for the book that is the fantasy adventure game we all wish our tabletop games were. After the complex and tearful tragedy ending of issue 15 the cover of this one signals a new status quo for the Queens and the inclusion of Braga as regular cast and seeing her there months ago exited me to no end. Tess Fowler has done a lot to define the way I see the Queens and Braga in particular as she did the art of that revelatory special issue. The Queens are rich deep and complicated characters making life work on their terms where the world would make them into something else. I will miss Tess' expressive art on the book but at least we have this last go round with her drawing them.

Midnighter 12 $2.99

Steve Orlando and ACO's Midnighter story comes to an end this week and I suspect we'll see some toys get put back in their places with this issue. M has shown over the course of the last year that he is all well and good defining his own damn self thank you very much. He's shown us more of his world, shown why he's not just a knock off of another vigilante and lived life on his own terms regardless of who he was before the experiment that changed him. The clever thing about this book is that it's avoided the pitfalls of mysterious figures like M, rather then revealing and wallowing in who he was it celebrated the person he is... it built a present that is vibrant and future writers if there are any can build on like Steve bout on the work of Warren Ellis. Midnighter at least found a loyal audience if one too small to warrant a longer run but sometimes a short solid story with a beginning middle and an end is better then one that drags long beyond its enthusiastic lifespan. It was a joyously violent book about a man seeking justice for the weak and what more could you want from a superhero book.


Punisher 1 $3.99

From one man of violence to another I'm surprised to be exited about a book about Frank Castle but I am. I am old enough to remember the original Punisher four part five issue mini series drawn by Mike Zeck and kind of wish I still had it to see if it was actually as good a read as I recall. Why would I say I'm surprised to want this well the luster wore off over time and numerous just ok or just downright repetive stories. I've missed some good ones along the way I'm sure but with Becky Cloonan taking the reigns here I have to take a look as I've loved her writing in Southern Cross and perhaps it's the right time for a bit of Punisher. No clue as to where she will be taking it but it's sure to be an interesting run.

Renato Jones The 1% 1 $3.99

This is one of the rare US titles that has a single vision behind it, Karre Kyle Andrews who did the same on Iron Fist recently is not producing his first creator owned book. I'm listening through the interview he did on Orbital in Conversation (link) and as with Iron Fist which I loved I'm enjoying what he has to say. This book looks to be a bit of a power fantasy one that I have had in fact given I've never earned much more then minimum wage. The idea of sticking it to the one percent and getting away with it is very very attractive but I know the title will be much more then that. Renato Jones promises to be a thumb in the eye to the exploiters at the top of the money pyramid. The issue is also double sized for the same price as the slim twenty two pagers.


A-Force 5 $3.99

This issue there is a whole new creative team as Kelly Thompson who writes the wonderful Jem and the Holograms takes over as writer and Ben Caldwell takes over as regular artist. Caldwell is someone I'd not heard of before but his rendition of these characters is down right lovely... the first three pages are out there to preview and they are well worth a look. Limits on my budget made me choose not to get the first arc but I had to make space for this one as Kelly writes very charming characters and as Captain Marvel' s own book has felt a bit flat to me I have hopes for this version of Carol Danvers (been enjoying her in Ultimates though). Post secret wars Marvel has been hit and miss for me and I expect this to be one of the hits.


And that is just about twenty... This week also sees Wicked and Divine 19 which I'm pretty assures to buy, 4001 1 which looks really very good also...


Anyhow share what you're exited about if you like...


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